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Painting Baseboards Day Two Hawaii Bath Remodel

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Painting baseboards is not really my idea of a fun time in Hawaii. However, with the new vinyl plank flooring that will be installed, it will look odd without baseboards. I matched the baseboards in our bedrooms with the same tiger bamboo, and now I wish I hadn’t. The reason is the baseboards are not snug to the wall because walls are not plumb. And that is where the critters that make up the downside to living paradise like to hide.

My neighbor Buzz showed me that painting baseboards is the way to go. That’s because he painted his baseboards the same color as his walls. How brilliant is that? You don’t even notice them. And the tops hug the wall, topped with a bit of caulk, which discourages pests from taking up residence.

I decided to jump right into painting baseboards today because it’s a nasty job that’s best getting done early. Finished my two coats in record time, too. It was a lovely day in Kailua-Kona. Perfect for painting baseboards on my lanai.

Maybe today the guys from Lowes will get lucky and Lowes will actually deliver all of my materials. Lowes was supposed to deliver all of my bath remodeling supplies yesterday but for some reason did not. The only progress they made on Monday was to install the cabinets in each bath.

The quartz guy showed up, though, to check out the situation. He asked me why Lowes didn’t install greenboard behind the sink vanity and toilet. I have no answer for that except that I had asked them to do it, and they said it wasn’t necessary. My quartz guy said it is code here in Hawaii. Wherever there is a shut-off valve that could produce moisture, you need greenboard.

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