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Do Not Buy the Table Before the Chairs

buy table before the chairs

My friend, let’s call her Sally, decided to buy a table before the chairs. Was she looking for a new table at the time? We were not friends then, so I don’t know if it was an intentional purchase or a spur-of-the-moment decision. You see, Sally already owned a perfectly good dining room table. Rattan construction, 3/4-inch glass top, carved pineapple motif, engraved chair legs with pretty floral upholstery. Unknown to me, and although she lives in Hawaii, she does not particularly like Tommy Bahama! In fact, she did not know before I mentioned it that her inherited furniture was Tommy Bahama. read more

Photos of Our Hawaii Remodel in Kona

hawaii remodel in kona

Who knew this Hawaii remodel in Kona would run 45 days past its completion schedule? Hey, it’s Hawaii. We all know. All I can say is it’s a good thing I extended my stay in Kona this winter because we needed that extra time to get the remodel finished. The major hangups were damaged cabinets (which Shenandoah had discontinued) and the quartz install. Those cabinets had to be outsourced and when they finally arrived, one of the replacements was damaged in four areas. Oh, man, just fix the first cabinet. read more

The Best Kitchen Trash Can

best kitchen trash can

For the past 3 years, I have not been thinking about acquiring the best kitchen trash can. I’ve just been annoyed with the one we have. Every time I try to pull a full bag of trash out of our kitchen trash can, the sides of the garbage bag swell and stick to the can. This is the kind of can with a metal square lever that lets you tuck the edges of the trash bag under it, but the sides of that poke holes in your trash bags.

So I dash to the garage, dangling the trash bag away from my person to prevent splashes from whatever. There’s got to be a better way, I decided. We don’t have enough room at our vacation house in Hawaii to install an under-the-sink option. Our trash can sits on the floor near the entrance to the kitchen. read more

Update on Lowes Kona Kitchen Remodel

lowes kona kitchen remodel

OK, so no surprise here that our Lowes Kona kitchen remodel is still not finished. Part of the problem is we bought our cabinets from Lowes in Kailua-Kona, the Shenandoah line, exclusive, it seems, to Lowes. In retrospect, if I had more time, it would have made more sense to order custom cabinets from any of the fine cabinet makers in Kona. But I had to get back to Sacramento to continue selling Sacramento real estate.

I placed the order for our Lowes Kona kitchen remodel in June, along with signing a contract with Lowes to buy most of the supplies from Lowes. However, Lowes did not do the remodel nor adequately oversee the job. Lowes hired a third-party contractor to do the work. So I probably would have been better off hiring my own contractor, but that is water under the bridge. read more

When Your Garage Door Remote Stops Working

when your garage door remote stops working

When your garage door remote stops working, it might be because your garage door remote is hosed. Sure, you know enough to check the batteries, right? Of course. Many take those flat 2032 batteries. I never noticed that the opener wasn’t working because lately I haven’t been using it. The reason I haven’t been using it is because I pull my car out in the morning and park in front of the garage.

Then, I leave the garage door open all day so contractors can come and go into our house. The construction company I hired to do the kitchen countertops have been working on the countertops for two weeks now. A job that should take 2 days. It’s always something with these guy: Abbott and Costello. They don’t have the right tools. No supervision. They misunderstand. When they cut holes for the faucet, they never looked at how far the handle turns for the faucet. They also cut the wrong pieces of quartz; it’s been a calamity of errors. read more

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