Showing a Sacramento Pending Sale and the Trouble With a Chase Sapphire Card

Chase BankIf your home in Sacramento is a pending sale, why would you let another buyer into your house to see it? It’s not like that buyer can purchase it. It’s inconvenient to you, probably, to show. You are most likely ready to close in another couple of weeks, why the rush now to show your home? Your existing buyer is not about to cancel the transaction, and her inspection contingencies are removed. Then, why is showing your home while pending a wise move on your part?

Because you know where I’m going with this. I would not have brought it up if I didn’t want you to consider showing your home again.

Short and sweet: it is insurance for you. A back-up plan. You should always try to have a Plan B because Plan A can go haywire for the silliest of reasons. Many of those reasons have to do with the buyer’s lender and how that loan is processed. The lender might have missed something obvious from the start. Or, it’s possible the underwriter uncovered some other situation that just happened. Much can go wrong in underwriting.

If a buyer is interested in writing a back-up offer, it’s to your advantage to let the buyer do it. It’s your ace in the hole in the event the first buyer cannot close escrow.

It’s Murphy’s Law that says if things can get screwed up, they probably will.

In a related issue, a while back Chase Bank messed up my shopping at Nordstrom. I used my Chase Sapphire card, and it was rejected, even though I regularly shop at Nordstrom and often spend insanely. I pay in full monthly. There is no reason for a fraud alert on my card. After I called the super-duper secret private customer service number reserved solely for my benefit, I was passed over to the fraud department anyway and drilled like a criminal.

After complaining to Chase, they verified my purchase. At the next counter in Nordstrom, same thing happened again. Chase froze my account, and I had to call customer service a second time. WTH?

I asked Chase: This will not happen at the next counter, right? I will NOT have to call you a third time today, will I? You realize now that I am shopping at Nordstrom this afternoon and you will authorize my charges, correct-o?

Yes ma’am.

Ha. Fat chance.

Tried to ring up a bag in the third department. Fraud alert. I called a third time. There is no removing myself from this spiral until I cancel my Chase Sapphire. This is crystal clear. Either the JPMorgan Chase employees are idiots or its system is flawed. Neither is good.

I deal with these irritating matters day-in and day-out in normal life, so do you, probably. And you don’t need more problems in the middle of selling your home. If you can get a backup offer, it’s to your benefit.

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