Sacramento Real Estate Woes Calmed by Trainwreck and Vampire Penguin


Sacramento real estate market

Sacramento Real Estate Market Snapshot through August 31, 2015

The news about the Sacramento real estate market is almost as frightening as the desserts served at Vampire Penguin on K Street over by the Capitol. I can always tell when something is happening in the real estate market because I sell such an unbelievable number of homes in Sacramento. If something is off or odd, I tend to notice it. At first I thought maybe it was due to the fact Labor Day fell in the second week of September instead of the first, which is why I elected to work from Hawaii over Labor Day week instead of from my office in Sacramento.

Usually, September is a super hot month for Sacramento real estate. But this month it has cooled off considerably. Oh, it’s still a seller’s market in Sacramento, if you can find any sellers, that is. The listing numbers have been greatly reduced, while the pending sales have gone through the roof.

What does that tell you? It shows a lot of buyer activity, and that buyers are now scrambling to get into a home before the end of the year and before interest rates go up. The median sales price has jumped from $255,000 in January of 2015 to $290,000, which remains stable from July. Inventory has been continually falling from July, which is odd. There are few listings.

I predict the trend in the Sacramento real estate market will continue. September pending sales are 2849 in residential for Sacramento County in MLS. There are only 3,079 for sale. Pendings rising, inventory falling. There is little to buy.

Buyers who are not working with a buyer’s agent are at a huge disadvantage and might not buy a home at all. These are the guys who think they can find listings on their own and negotiate with listing agents themselves, and they are not gonna make it that way. You need an agent. No two ways about it.

strawberry cheesecake shaved snow

Strawberry cheesecake shaved snow dessert at Vampire Penguin is a winner!

My husband and I stopped by Vampire Penguin to sample shaved snow desserts on Sunday. I really should have ordered the strawberry cheesecake instead of a chocolate topped with caramel, which was fairly tasteless. The strawberry cheesecake, however, burst with flavor, especially with mango over vanilla. Doesn’t the dessert look fabulously weird? I give that strawberry cheesecake 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up.

We drove to Davis to see Trainwreck before it leaves the big screen. Amy Schumer was hilarious. I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard out loud at a movie all the way through. My husband warned that I would probably sit there and fret about my website coding, and squirm over the utter frustration it has caused, but while watching Trainwreck, I did not think about my website for one minute. Too busy laughing.

My advice, if the Sacramento real estate market is causing you stress, go see Trainwreck and then stop by Vampire Penguin for dessert. And if you’re thinking about selling your home in Sacramento, come over and sit down next to me. I’ll get the job done, and I’ve got 40 years of experience in this business. Call 916.233.6759 and get on board with the Elizabeth Weintraub Team.

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