Do You Really Have to Interview 3 Agents in Sacramento?

_MG_3938_v1 Cell Phone 1500x997A home seller in Elk Grove figured he should interview 3 real estate agents in person because, well, he didn’t really know for certain, because somebody said that he should interview 3 agents. That somebody might have even been me; I write a lot of online content about real estate. But that advice doesn’t apply to me, I laughed. For starters, most people who call me to come over have already decided they want to hire me.

They’ve read my Weintraub reviews; my clients love me. They’ve perused my website and know I’ve got 40 years of experience. Flipped through my blogs. Studied the photos of my cats, checked out my travels on Pinterest. They know who I’m married to, the places I’ve previously worked, the addresses of hundreds of homes I’ve sold, the type of vegetation in my garden, what kind of Nikon I use, how late I sleep in, the awards I’ve won, and they know more about me than my husband knows and more than I will ever recall.

They probably also know about the day my underwear fell off in the middle of Albertson’s grocery store in Costa Mesa. Yeah, the elastic just went kaput while I was pawing through the potatoes. There I was in the produce aisle, in a yellow sundress under bright lights, when I realized a catastrophe was about to hit. I felt the elastic go ka-ping! Squeezing my legs together in an effort to keep the fabric from slipping and toting a bag of potatoes on my hip, I tried to quietly slip around the corner. Maneuvering a grocery cart with one hand is difficult, especially when the wheels go every which way.

Then, right there at the corner where canned tomato paste meets canned tomatoes, my underwear fell to the floor. First and last time that’s ever happened. I quickly kicked the cramped fabric under the ledge, along with loose rolling wasabi peas. I figured if I kept my eyes level and did not look down, that runaway garment did not belong to me, and I did not to have claim it or even pretend to recognize it.

Now, I’ll do an interview over the phone, but much of the time when somebody says they want to interview 3 agents, they only want to pick my brain. They want to know how they should stage their home, how much it is worth, along with tips and tricks for selling it. They aren’t really looking for a real estate agent because they already have one, but the one they have isn’t as experienced so they call me. Such a waste of time I spend chasing supposed leads.

This means I have to find a way to explain what I do and give people a reason to choose me as their real estate agent without necessarily meeting in person. No easy task. Of course, there is FaceTime, and that works well for people who feel the need to stare into my brown eyes. Unless, of course, I have fooled them by inserting my brilliant blue contact lenses. Or, they can just decide to hire the Sacramento real estate agent all my clients trust. You don’t have to interview 3 agents in person.

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