Why Photos Matter for a Sacramento Home Listing

photos matter for a sacramento home listingA client implied a while back that this Sacramento real estate agent has other sources of income primarily because I am a real estate broker. It occurred to me how little the public knows about the real estate profession. They talk to friends who feed them misinformation. Being a real estate broker means I am held to a higher standard of knowledge, which can result in a higher level of personal liability, actually. But it doesn’t equate to a higher commission check. I still work for Lyon Real Estate, which has its own broker.

Moreover, sometimes sellers think that we real estate agents have a magic wand for selling their home. That we are going to do something special, out-of-the-ordinary or spectacular like fly the Goodyear blimp over their home and drop ch-ch-ch-cherry bombs or give away a free BMW. They figure we know just what to say to make that buyer whip out the checkbook and write an earnest money deposit.

The truth is buyers do whatever the heck they want to do. And I’m seeing a lot of them pause and reflect before writing an offer, which is excellent news. Impulsive purchases can lead to buyer’s remorse and cold feet.

Last spring, I’d receive offers from buyers before I even noticed their agent had shown them the home. I try to check MLS every night to follow up on my listings. Now, I see offers coming in a few days after a showing. So, either buyers are looking at more homes before making an offer or they are taking their time to consider which home they want to buy.

When I put a home on the market, I like to tell myself that it’s my carefully crafted description of the home that is motivating a buyer to go see it. However, we all know it’s the photos. Because you can’t sell a home online. The only thing a listing agent is doing by putting a listing on the online is motivating a buyer to want to see that home. You can’t sell a home if you can’t get a buyer inside of it. Photos entice a buyer. Photos tell a story. Photos speak a 1000 words. Photos deliver a message. Photos matter for a Sacramento home listing.

When a seller lists with Elizabeth Weintraub, the seller also receives professional photography, shot with a Nikon and not a cellphone camera. I use PhotoShop to brighten and color correct. Sellers like my photos so much that they often ask me to make them a CD at closing, which I gladly do. I’d like to photograph your home, too! In fact, I’m off this morning to shoot a home in Elk Grove. Call me at 916 233 6759.

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