Musings From A Solo Traveler in Vanuatu on Christmas Day

Villa at Havannah Resort, Efate Island

Villa at Havannah Resort, Efate Island

Some of the resort staff at The Havannah openly felt sorry for me last night at the Christmas Eve party. They said other solo travelers had admitted to feeling strange or out of place because they were not with another person, and they wanted to know if I was uncomfortable. While sweet in sentiment, it seems a bit chauvinistic to me to ask a woman that kind of question when they would not dream of asking a man and, in fact, would probably feel downright silly if they did.

I don’t find it odd nor weird to be by myself. I spend a lot of time alone because I like it. I get along well with myself. I know my desires and how to fulfill them. It’s relaxing, if you want to know the truth, in more ways than if I was with another person because the only person’s opinion that matters about anything at all is my own. Which, when I reflect on it, is not that much different than any other time in any other place with any other person, heh, heh. While I do take into consideration the opinions of other people, often my own opinion trumps.

A woman on the plane from Brisbane to Vanuatu, trying to be helpful I suppose, suggested I download an app that would help me find people to travel with. She did not seem to understand that I do not want to find people to travel with. It’s enjoyable being a solo traveler. There are people all around me. I don’t get the opportunity enough. If my husband or friends can’t go on a trip, it’s definitely 100% OK for me to go by myself.

The feeling of independence is one of strength and courage. Not everybody has it or can develop it. You will find it most often in entrepreneurs, people who run their own businesses, which is probably why I make such a good living selling real estate in Sacramento. I can depend on myself and so can others. I feel a strong sense of duty to my clients, and they know without question that I will always be there for them. It’s the same loyalty and conviction I carry for my friends and family because I carry it for myself as well.

When I lounge on my deck on Christmas Day, admiring the multiple shades of turquoise and sapphire blues in the water, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, listening to ocean waves break on the beach, and inhaling the scent of Tahiti flowers in Vanuatu, I am not alone.

There is little more precious in the world than peace within yourself. Being a solo traveler can help you to get there.

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