July 4th Weekend is Blazing Hot for a Sacramento Real Estate Agent

Sacramento Listing AgentBlame it on the weather. It’s been so hot in Sacramento this week — temps over 100 degrees — that people have reluctantly chosen to sit under a ceiling fan or inside an air-conditioned space, over venturing out into the city to do one’s usual activities. As such, perhaps the July 4th weekend of lying on the sofa, wiping perspiration from one’s brow and contemplating the ceiling is what has generated such an influx of calls to Sacramento real estate agents.

It’s as though the thought might have suddenly dawned on potential sellers that hey, we have a home to sell and, it’s not on the market or, it’s on the market and it’s not selling, time to find a new agent. Because I don’t know what else could have stirred up this sudden and intense listing activity.

Ordinarily, right around the July 4th weekend, business slows down. People go out of town. They visit with relatives — stuff their faces with potato salad and hot dogs — or they go shopping, whatever, they’re not calling real estate agents. But this 4th of July has been anything but quiet. Heck, usually I go out of town for the 4th of July but since I celebrated my 61st birthday in Sausalito last weekend, I figured I can’t be gone two weekends in a row. My phone didn’t ring much last weekend, and even my email was relatively quiet, given the 300 or so emails I receive every day. Email is the bane of my existence but, as a Sacramento real estate agent, it’s necessary.

I can handle the extra business, though. Last year, there were times my inventory consisted of 70+ homes. I had to buy a whole bunch of extra lockboxes. That influx of business caused me to be even more organized and to develop more systems to efficiently manage my operations.

People often think that selling real estate is all about sales. To be really successful, one must think like a small business owner; and it’s a different mindset that is combined with a strong sales ability. I’ve got 3 wonderful agents who support me as my team members, and their livelihood is in my business plan as well. Together, we operate like a well-oiled machine. Focus.

Which allows for the occasional hiccup flow of unexpected business. I don’t want any client to wonder if I’m too busy for them because I will make the time; I treat every client like they are the only client I have. You know why? Because if I don’t, someday they could be the only client I have, and that would be a sorry state of affairs for this Sacramento real estate agent.

Look for a bunch of new listings from this real estate agent on Monday. If you need to buy a home in the four-county area of Sacramento and are having a tough time, call Elizabeth Weintraub, at 916 233 6759. We’ll put you into a home.



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