Is a Sacramento REALTOR a Necessary Evil?

Sacramento RealtorBe honest, is a Sacramento REALTOR a necessary evil or a good thing? I guess how a real estate agent is treated by a potential client is pretty good evidence of what that client thinks about real estate agents and REALTORs in general. There are sellers in Sacramento, for example, who clearly exhibit that they think REALTORs are worthless pieces of crap but a necessary path to selling a home. The troubling part is there are agents in Sacramento, on top of REALTORs, who will accept any kind of abuse to get a listing, that these kinds of people can continue to get away with rude behavior.

Maybe it’s this wild and wooly seller’s market in Sacramento that brings some of these people into the marketplace. I seem to be receiving an unusual number of phone calls from potential clients who appear to be as obnoxious as the day is long.

Where does a Sacramento REALTOR draw the line? First, I say give the potential client a benefit of a doubt. Maybe the potential client has had a bad experience in the past, which is not all that unusual, unfortunately, in real estate. Just like with any profession, you’ve got your good agents and your not-so-good. Second, I like to have several discussions with a potential client before accepting a listing.

If I notice a client talks over me, doesn’t listen to my advice nor seem to care about what I have to provide, quite frankly, I’m not interested in his or her business — because that person has exhibited a disregard for my services. That kind of attitude can lead to trouble and frustration down the road, a place I prefer not to stroll. I don’t engage in one-sided conversations just to pad my bank account.

I know there are agents who don’t care. I could not imagine being one of those agents. Their attitude seems to be that it’s OK to laugh all the way to the bank. If I had to be that kind of agent to survive, I’d quit the business. And that’s not to say there is anything wrong with those agents because there isn’t. In some ways, I admire their tenacity and ability to turn off. Somebody has to work the dredge, otherwise they’d all turn into FSBOs. I’m just glad it’s not me.

It’s a two-way street for this REALTOR. I value your business just as much as you value the experience and professionalism you are hiring. If you honestly believe all REALTORs are identical and it’s your right to exhibit little respect, I’m not your REALTOR.

I believed that principle when I sold $3 million a year, and I still believe it when I’m selling $30 million. My self respect is not for sale. Furthermore, that loss of business is not my loss.

However, if you want to hire a Sacramento REALTOR who has integrity, experience and a passion for helping people, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will treat you like the precious client you are and perform above your expectations. And that’s how I get the great client reviews I regularly receive. By carefully choosing my clients.

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