Is it the Size and Length That Matters?

middle of sexA seller whose listing I canceled accused me anonymously on a website of sending snippy emails. She has no idea what she’s talking about. I mean, does she realize how hard it is to type on your cellphone when you’re in the middle of sex? Do you? No? Well, you try it, then. First, in the middle of all this heavy breathing and clawing of your partner’s back, you’ve got to make sure you scroll to “reply” and don’t accidentally hit “forward” instead .

I hate it when I hit forward by mistake and start typing in the forward-to box instead of the text box. Because then you have to cancel the message, and my phone always asks me if I am sure that I want to do that. That makes me stop to think, do I? Do I really want to cancel this message? Or, will I delete it from my phone if I do? Where do deleted messages go on my phone? These are thoughts I’d rather not have but they could save your butt someday.

Unless your butt is naked and in the air in the middle of sex. At that point, I don’t want to ponder canceling my message, but for a seller in the middle of a crisis, I would. My clients are very important to me. Even those clients with whom I have had a listing for only 24 hours before they went off the deep end. Most clients wait at least a couple of weeks before they have a mental breakdown. But for those who lose it early in the process, my heart goes out to them because they have truly special needs. I try to answer every client’s question with care and promptness.

So, while my husband is screaming YES YES YES, I’m typing a reply as to why we can’t take the address out of MLS without deleting the listing. Now, I know you might be thinking why didn’t I just talk to my phone instead of typing? Two reasons. First is my phone cannot spell MLS even though it’s in my dictionary because MLS is a word I frequently use. In fact, the way I say it makes it come out as profanity. It’s bad enough my email is snippy, I don’t want to offend a client with a profane word, especially a loose-cannon client.

Second, there’s another innocent person involved here, my husband. He puts up with enough as it is, poor guy. Not to mention, it takes raw talent to respond to emails in the middle of sex. I don’t believe I deserve that bad press. But my husband is a smart person. His advice is: don’t poke the hornet’s nest. He’s right. There is no need to point out the error of this client’s ways. Somebody else is sure to do it for her along her journey through life. It doesn’t have to be me. I don’t have to be the bad Sacramento real estate agent. I just need to spell things correctly and get on with my life.

While Elizabeth is on vacation, we are revisiting her favorite blogs from previous years.

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