If You Can’t Buy a Home in Sacramento

How do you keep pushing on when the Sacramento real estate market is beating you down? I don’t know how some buyer’s agents are surviving out there in this desert of no inventory. One such veteran agent in Sacramento told me today that he is thinking about leaving the business. This is a dreadful market because there are buyers who will never buy a home in Sacramento in this market, especially if they are looking in Natomas or Elk Grove. It’s positively disheartening for many. At an open house in Elk Grove on Saturday we had more than 100 buyers come through. So far, we have almost 30 offers. Only one buyer will win.

Because I list so many homes in Sacramento, I see a wide variety of offers come across my desk. They range from lowball offers to asking price to 20% over market value. I can tell from those offers that we basically have two types of agents in Sacramento right now:

  • The type of agents who talk to each other.
  • The type of agents who work in a vacuum.

I also realize that a buyer’s agent can lead a buyer to water but she can’t force the buyer to drink. I’m not so sure that buyers truly understand what is going on. This climate makes me a bit concerned that buyers might blame their agents for their failure to buy a home in Sacramento when it’s the market and not necessarily the agent’s fault.

Years from now we might look back at this like the 1930s Dust Bowl. At least during that horrible episode in our country’s history it was pretty clear what was happening because you couldn’t see two feet in front of you. In Sacramento, everything looks normal. For Sale signs are in the yards. Agents are accompanying buyers to show homes. People are smiling. But it’s a nervous smile, and underneath they are depressed and worried and anxious. We need inventory in Sacramento.

Well, here’s my solution, because you know I have a solution, right? I’m not the kind of Sacramento real estate agent to paint this dismal picture and not offer you a solution. I’ve been in the business for almost 40 years, and that’s long enough to learn a thing or two. The first tip is if you’re gonna give up, then go home and crawl under the sheets and stay there because there is no room in this market for whiners.

The second tip is turn over the unturned stones. There are homes in Sacramento that are not getting showings. Not because there’s anything wrong with them. It’s because they are either overpriced homes, in need of repair, or on the market for too long. There is nothing wrong with a home that needs a little bit of work. All you need to do is adjust your attitude toward hiring a contractor or doing some work yourself. Often the prices of these homes can be adjusted a bit to compensate for the work needed. Align yourself to the fact that if you want to buy a home you need to look at all of the homes that are available and not just the cherries.

You want to know where the ants go, right? You follow the ant trail. At the end of it, you will find ants. It’s too simple of a principle for many people.

There are homes for sale in Sacramento that buyers and agents are ignoring. There is no competition for these homes. No multiple offers. No stabbing each other in the back and clawing your way over dead bodies to get to the top. These homes are sitting quietly, waiting to be discovered. Go out there and discover them. Find a way to write an offer and make it work. If you need help and want to buy a home in Sacramento, you can call the Elizabeth Weintraub Team. 916.233.6759. We’re putting buyers into homes.

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