The Enormously Big Deal of Buying a House

lying couple on grass and dream house collageWhen it comes down to choosing between buying a house in Sacramento or having a baby, the latter is a bigger deal for most people, yet you can’t rule out the enormously big deal of buying a house. The Washington Post talks about the financial constraints felt by many in today’s economy and how, while waiting for improvement, some decisions are postponed, as in this part of the article: “Choices large and small hang in the balance — whether to buy a house, go to college, get married. Have a baby.”

I don’t know about you, but all of those choices seem ginormous to this Sacramento real estate agent. I don’t spot a “small” choice in that grouping. Not only that, but buying a house is often said to be the single most expensive investment a person can undertake. They are all big choices and decisions, accompanied by their friends: anxiety, risk and anticipation.

As a person who works with people to sell and buy Sacramento real estate, I can tell you it’s also a highly emotional experience, mixing the love of all things drywall and wood with Ben Franklins. One moment a person is hyperventilating and the next cooing. I never know what I might find on the other end of the phone when I answer.

It’s my place to be empathetic and listen. To be that rock to lean on. To offer support and guidance and help sellers and buyers through my decades of experience to make the right decision. Sometimes it means taking the lead and saying, OK, look, here’s what we’re gonna do. Offering that solution. Other times, I need to sit back and wait for the information to sink in and for the parties to reach a state of calmness, awareness and decision-making capability.

I help people make a transition. And transitions are a big deal in life. Your Sacramento real estate agent is a coach for you, not a crutch, but we can be that, too, if that’s what you need.

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