Dealing With Negatives in a Sacramento Listing


drawbacks to home buyingSome Sacramento real estate agents don’t want to say anything to a home seller that sounds negative about a home. I suspect they are afraid of offending the seller. Besides, lots of sellers don’t notice the negative aspects of their home, especially after a number of years go by. They get used to it, whatever the problems are — deferred maintenance, dated condition, undesirable location or bad layout, to name a few.

I’ll tell you who will immediately spot those problems, though, and that person is the buyer. Those problems will become drawbacks, obstacles to overcome in order to sell. If a seller and her agent do not address the negative aspects, the home won’t sell.

Of course, you know me, as a Sacramento real estate agent, I have no problem being straight with a seller. Nobody ever accuses me of skirting around the bush. I lay it on the line. It’s not always a comfortable thing to do, to be realistic and share bad news with a seller. But it’s necessary to properly do my job. I’ve got to tell sellers the bad stuff and then devise a plan to overcome a buyer’s objection.

Don’t ever bring up a problem without offering a solution — that’s my M.O.

I do that partly by figuring out who the buyer will be and appealing to what is important to that buyer. If an agent or the seller don’t know who the buyer is, how can the agent create a home marketing plan to target those specific buyers? The other thing I do is find out why the seller bought the home. Because the reason that seller bought is the same reason a new buyer will. The last thing is to address the negative. Quickly. And offer a solution for overcoming that drawback.

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