Can a Sacramento Real Estate Agent Guarantee Service?

Sacamento-real-estate-agent-guarantee-serviceHow can you guarantee a client will be perfectly happy with your services? I mean, you might be providing extraordinary service and your client could be half bonkers, unable to recognize this gift of superior excellence. Or, you could be a crummy Sacramento real estate agent or doesn’t give a crap what others think — rendering any guarantee of happiness and satisfaction totally worthless. I believe a guarantee of satisfaction means the person providing the service will make it right. It’s not like if one finds a fly in one’s soup one can be served another bowl of soup, but it’s a similar concept.

I offer my clients a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. If they are unhappy for some reason, I will go to any lengths to make them happy. The secret is to try to not let it get to the part where they are unhappy. Sometimes, it’s beyond an agent’s control. For example, let’s say I explain over and over to a seller that when we get the short sale approval letter, we will most likely be given 30 days to close escrow. I explain the entire short sale process. I talk about how quickly we’ll receive an offer, the 6 to 8 weeks it will probably take to get the offer approved by the bank, and then the 30 days to close.

I’ve been selling real estate long enough to know there are some words a client does not hear, and if the words are heard, they might not be understood. Thirty days to close is one thing if a client is thinking about the 30 days between March 1st to March 31st. It’s quite another when she realizes if a sale closes on March 30th, she might not find a place to move because most rentals are available on April 1st. That’s a dilemma.

Fortunately, I have an answer for that. Another agent might say, nope, you’ve gotta close on March 30th. The bank said so, and the bank rules. This agent whose blog you are reading will, on the other hand, work to make her seller happy. I promised her.

So, now we have a closing date of April 11th. It’s not just lip service or meaningless words I stick into my biography. I really mean it. A personal guarantee of 100% client satisfaction. That’s my mission.

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