Biking to the Sacramento River Solves Real Estate Conflict

Biking to the Sacramento RiverA few of the good things about working from a home office as a Sacramento real estate agent are you can type naked at your desk, and you can also put on pants and a shirt and go biking to the Sacramento River anytime you want. Can’t operate that way in a downtown business environment.

Because I work from my home office in Land Park, I am fairly close to the Sacramento River and even Old Sacramento, not to mention the paths through William Land Park, all of which are wonderful places to go riding a bike. I talked to a young sales guy who is soon off to college at Santa Cruz and works at the Curtis Park bike shop on 21st Street. He told me that he’s been hit already at his young age by a moving vehicle 4 times. I’m thinking I might prefer park trails and levees along the river than riding in traffic or any place without a bike lane.

Getting hit by cars is a concern in Sacramento and probably anywhere else drivers don’t pay attention. I always pull way over when driving, into the other lane if I can, when I spot a bicyclist. You don’t know how well that person can ride a bike. That person might be somebody like me who sometimes wobbles the front wheel. You should stay clear of a person on a bike while driving a car.

During our bike ride yesterday — my husband took his bike over to the Curtis Park bike shop to get it turned up — we stopped near Scott’s Seafood on Riverside. The photo above is of the Sacramento River at that spot. I shot it with my cellphone. There is a picnic table there where you can sit and stare out at the river.

Then, if you’re like me, you pedal back home to Land Park and deal with the guy who now wants to renegotiate the sales price after the home inspection. With a clear head and a strong focus on the seller. There is always conflict in real estate transactions. It’s how an agent deals with that conflict that makes the difference. A little exercise and fresh air and help. We’re back on track, contingencies removed in exchange for a small concession and all is good.

If you want to sell your home in the Sacramento area, feel free to call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916 233 6759. I answer my phone, even if I am biking to the Sacramento River.

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