After Your Listing Expires

After your Listing expires, is a great article previously written by Elizabeth for another website. This situation described below happens all the time to agents when they expire out or cancel a listing to obtain a new MLS #. Why pull a new MLS #? By design to freshen up a listing with a price reduction, it sells homes. Enjoy, as it is a good read.

— JaCi Wallace

When a listing expires, all of a sudden, sellers start to hear from real estate agents. They will receive letters in the mail, telephone calls and a few aggressive agents may even show up on the doorstep, ringing the bell. All this activity might make a seller think, “Hey, my property is really hot!” But you might be better off looking in the mirror to find the reason your listing expired.

Because the first question a good real estate agent is going to ask is why are you selling? They want to find out your motivation. It’s not idle curiosity that makes an agent ask. Agents want to know your reasons to sell to determine whether you are truly a seller or a pretend “wannabe” seller. Since agents are paid on commissions, it doesn’t make much sense to work with a seller who doesn’t really want to sell.

If your motivation is in check, then there are six other factors to consider after your listing expires. We can explain and help.

Call Weintraub and Wallace with RE/MAX Gold, if your listing has expired and you want to relist. If you need real estate assistance, we are always here to help. Call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors at 916-233-6759.

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Elizabeth Weintraub

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