A Rainbow with Geese in William Land Park

geese in william land parkMy agent friend Myrl told me that I should carry a camera in my bike basket when I’m out riding because I will surely come across something I would like to take photo of and, sure enough, she was correct. While pedaling by homes in Land Park yesterday and around the geese in William Land Park, I did indeed come across a scene with a rainbow in it. When one spots a rainbow, it’s time to to stop and admire. We don’t have enough rainbows in our lives.

Although I did not bring my camera, I do have a caddy on my bike for strapping in my cellphone. You know, as a Sacramento real estate agent, it’s kinda hard to go anywhere without a smartphone. I might get a text message or an email or God forbid an actual phone call.

The secret to my success in real estate is that I answer my phone. I respond to text messages and emails. It’s not that I’m some super real estate freak; it’s just easier that way. Otherwise, messages can pile up and emails can be overwhelming. You might not know this, but I receive about 300 emails a day. Efficiency and organization is the way I stay on top of my game.

I hope you like this photo of the rainbow and geese in William Land Park. It’s not the best quality, not like my actual Nikon would shoot. But I do have an older Nikon lying around my home in Land Park somewhere. Perhaps I should find a bag for it and take it with me during my biking excursions around the geese in William Land Park from now on.

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