The WX Freeway and FIX50 Project Make Google Maps Your Friend

Markers map iconsStaying “in the know” about Sacramento and Sacramento real estate is my primary focus from day to day, so it’s not so odd, I suspect, that I was unaware of other things. I learn new things every day. I enjoy learning new things. It also means if I’m capable of absorbing new information, I’m still a long ways from keeling over. The funny part is I am often astonished when I learn some new unrelated-to-real-estate-fact that I should have known. Like, did you know Liz Claiborne is dead and she died from cancer 7 years ago?

I bet you do know that. The other thing I didn’t realize is her line of clothing had bought Kate Spade & Company. I know Kate Spade as a New York bag designer who married the comedic lame brother of B-grade-movie fame, but I’m kinda shocked that Kate Spade was acquired by Liz Claiborne and even more now that the Liz Claiborne brand is sold at J.C. Penney. All of which I probably would have realized had I continued to thumb through fashion magazines after I turned 40. But no, I instead read real estate magazines.

There are only so many hours in the day.

Which is why I have had to morph into the Google map expert to help my clients get around Sacramento with the W X freeway and FIX50 traffic mess we are embarking upon. My world is Sacramento real estate. Because I list homes all over Sacramento and our neighboring counties such as El Dorado, Placer and Yolo, I am a regular WX freeway driver. With my schedule, the biggest problem I have faced is whether to head out from Land Park on Highway 50 or Business 80, and sometimes I admit to driving out the wrong freeway if I’m yakking on my cellphone bluetooth.

Fortunately, I have a WX freeway hover car. All I have to do is press that hover button on my dash, and my car sprouts wings and fire sprays from the tailpipe. I immediately rise above the line of traffic and can promptly plop my car into the fast line on the appropriate freeway. So, no problem if I make a mistake. For other people, though, it’s a huge problem, and there are more of them ahead if they don’t preplan their driving route in Sacramento.

Hello Google my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again.

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