Why This Sacramento Internet Realtor is on Fire

sacramento internet realtor

This Sacramento Internet Realtor responds to sellers and buyers who find her online.

When you ask agents where business comes from, very few, if any, will say from efforts as a Sacramento Internet Realtor, which is exactly where a large bulk of my Sacramento real estate business originates. I have been online since 1991. The internet is not a scary place for me, and my website is mobile friendly for all mobile users. I love and respect internet real estate business. Which is probably why I am a successful Sacramento Internet Realtor.

I adopted the internet early in my life, 25 years ago; it’s why people find me everywhere online. I recall the bulletin boards, which I bet many millennials today have never heard of. I used dial-up modems, which is akin to walking 10 miles to school in the snow, barefoot, uphill. At the moment, I utilize several computers, an iPad and an iPhone to keep me connected.

I also understand the secret of the Internet. The secret is to respond immediately. That’s what people want. I respond immediately because, if I didn’t, I’d probably forget by the time the next inquiry arrived. You know, I’m almost 64. Been at real estate for 40+ years.

Automobile dealers understand the internet is the way consumers shop. Most dealers support an entire internet division who do nothing but talk to car buyers originating from an internet query. Yet, real estate agents have been slow to adopt the internet. They say they want to depend solely on referrals or they prefer ringing doorbells of strangers to ask if they are thinking about buying or selling. It’s strange, but true. I also hear agents say internet leads are worthless crap. They are so wrong about that.

This Sacramento Internet Realtor Cares About YOU

See, I realize that people who send an email or text message to ask about buying a home or selling a home probably want to buy a home or sell a home. They are real people with real needs. And guess what? I am a Sacramento Internet Realtor who will respond and fulfill their desires. It’s why I sell over $30 million a year in a city like Sacramento — where the median sales price is around $280,000.

Every so often, there are those buyers, for example, who might be unemployed or have bad credit but you know what? They still want to buy a home. There is hope for them. Not right now, of course, but a year or two down the road, they will be ready, and the Elizabeth Weintraub Team will be here to serve. Our preferred mortgage lender will prepare these buyers for home ownership. The interesting part is almost 30% of our internet leads end up in escrow with us as compared to 2% to 3% for other agents.

We must be doing something right. If you’d like to talk about real estate, you can email, text or call this Sacramento Internet Realtor. My team and I obviously love to work with you, and our track record supports that statement. My cell is 916.233.6759.

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