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Use Spelling and Grammar to Recognize Email Crooks

bad spelling and grammar reveal email hackers

A sure-fired way to figure out if you’re being scammed is to pay attention to spelling and grammar in your questionable emails. Most of the crooks, spammers and hackers contact victims through email. It works so much of the time because people don’t stop to consider it might not be true. And they continue to get away with it because they don’t always need very many victims to be successful. Take Zillow, for example. I get so much spam generated through that website. Just because an agent maintains a profile, no protection. Those accounts get skimmed. It’s the cost of doing business online. I get the same crap from LinkedIn, btw.

Not to mention, crooks are stupid. If they weren’t so stupid, they would pursue some other legal line of work, like selling Sacramento real estate, for example. Have you ever met any smart crooks? Anybody you’d like to emanate when you grow up? No, didn’t think so. If they’re not completely stupid, then they speak limited English . . . or sometimes both. Do you know that Nigeria ranks 3rd in the number of cybercrimes behind the UK and US?

Makes me miss AOL. The innocence.

Besides not clicking on links from people you do not know, you should always check spelling and grammar. Because that’s your dead giveaway clue that something is amiss. It might hard to notice it, but try. Take a look at this email I received allegedly from the Zillow Group. There are 6, count them, 6 spelling and grammar errors in this email; more, if you count punctuation. Yet, how many agents do you think printed that attachment, filled out their credit card information and emailed it to the dude?

Below is the email I received from an account set up to look like Zillow. Apart from the fact it is an idiotic idea, some moron still came up with this scam. I doubt any agent has stopped to consider that Zillow bills your credit card every month regardless.

>>We need a Credit Card Authorization Form on file for you so we can keep processing you’re payments for being one of our premier agents on our website. This form is something we need to have on file for all of our agents who utilize Zillows marketing program, This Authorization Form gives us something in writing stating that you give us permission to authorize payments on you’re card each month so we can better protect ourselves and prevent any false dispute claims that can be made against us. Please send this back in a timely manner so their is no interruption with you’re service

If you have any questions its best to just email me directly, or you can call the hotline and ask to be transferred to accounting.

Thank You

William Sims
Accounts Management
P: 206-470-7000

Spelling and grammar is your friend. Now, I know what you’re thinking — you’re thinking, hey, I should have paid more attention in my English classes. And you would be right. Hopefully, you have a friend . . .

Elizabeth Weintraub

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