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Ranches For Sale with Custom Gates, Higher Value?

Ranches For Sale

Ranches for sale with custom gates, higher value? Let’s have a discussion about this topic. We sell a lot of land and ranches as well as homes with small back yards and estate properties. All of these might have custom gated entries. Do first impressions matter with big price tags attached?

This topic had me looking through properties as we are getting ready to list a few country estates with custom gated entries. When you drive into a luxury estate property or a custom ranch the entry, of course, sets the stage.

First impressions always count. An entry should somewhat match the price tag of a property, when possible. Watch for the two country gated entry estates we will be listing over the next few weeks. I will post the photos in the future.

This photo above was taken by my son J.T. Bradley at his ranch in Auburn. The iron pipe gated entry work was completed by one of his vendors. It lasts 100 years and never needs painting. It is a very secure, low maintenance design for rural property. It is also highly functional. If a horse breaks loose it is safely contained within the property and can not get the road with vehicle traffic. JT is a custom home builder and remodeler. His company is Bradley Builders.

Team Roping-Header

Prior to this welded pipe entry to his ranch, the driveway was open and no formal entry; in fact, I would often miss it driving up the rural road in front of his property.

What a difference with this entry. J.T. hosts team roping practice events with friends every week on his property. This picture shows him out in front on the right side of the photo. He is a header of the roping team, meaning he ropes the horns of the cow. He owns several cows and (7) horses are kept on his property. Roping horses are supreme athletes. During an event, the roping team often changes out two to three horses each day so they are fresh.

This gated entry now looks like a professional team roper’s ranch. The next event there will certainly be exciting with the new entry to set the stage for professional experience at the Bradley Ranch.

If you would like a referral to have a custom gated entry built on your property of any type, stucco, wrought iron, wood, brick or welded pipe, I know a great contractor I can refer you to, lol. When you are buying or selling real estate please call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors with RE/MAX Gold. We can be reached at 916-233-6759 seven days per week. We welcome and value your business.

— JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
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