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You Don’t Have To Live In Rural Areas To Have Chickens

You Don’t Have To Live In Rural Areas To Have Chickens

You don’t have to live in rural areas to have chickens in Sacramento. Chickens are allowed in some subdivisions. In Elk Grove, for example, I have sold homes where they allow a few chickens for personal use but no roosters. Also, a home on a ¼ acre lot in Rancho Cordova, chickens were allowed. If you have never raised chickens, you might not be aware hens will lay eggs without a rooster.

You only need a rooster if you want to raise baby chicks. To have a rooster, you do need to live in a rural area. Roosters can sing their songs at 2 am or 3 am as they often get confused with what time it is. The rooster next door must have been eaten by a coyote as he disappeared. Thank goodness the neighbor did not go buy another rooster! That rooster started to crow at 2 am and didn’t stop until 8 am. I lost a lot of sleep and finally had to sleep with the TV on to drown out the cock-a-doodle-doo of that pesky rooster. read more

My Sellers Are In Europe Using WhatsApp To Close Escrow

Using WhatsApp To Close Escrow

My sellers are in Europe using the WhatsApp. They tried several times to sign documents by email. The iPhones are not working there well except when using the WhatsApp. The property located at 8109 Sloughhouse Road in Elk Grove, CA 95624, was all set to close escrow, or so we thought. Before the sellers left for an extended vacation to Europe, we signed everything at the title company, and we checked in with the buyer’s side for any additional documents. They said nope all good on their end. read more

Closing Escrows In Rural Elk Grove, South County of Sacramento

Closing Escrows In Rural Elk Grove

Closing escrows in rural Elk Grove, the southern part of Sacramento County, is one of my favorite places for selling real estate. There are many aspects to rural sales such as there are several environmental issues to be aware of. Be aware of the utility easements for power. The fire department has access as well. There are some areas of flooding to be aware of. Lenders have federal requirements for flood insurance certificates. Of course, if you buy with cash no insurance is required, but use common sense as flooding repairs can be costly. read more

Rural Life With a mouse Always Keeps it Interesting

Rural life with a mouse always keeps it interesting. Everyone has their mouse catching stories, from humor to sheer yuck! So my sister — unable to have an indoor cat to do mouse patrol because she’s extremely allergic — has tried various methods with extreme results. In her last home, someone in the neighborhood had used rodent poison and she ended up with one dead mouse decaying in a wall with a horrible smell. Not sure which wall, it became a hit and miss to locate and eradicate the corpse. Kind of like whack-a-mole. read more

A Wilton Wedding Rural Ranch Style

A Wilton Wedding Rural Ranch Style

A Wilton wedding rural ranch style was a beautiful day for a most deserving family. This ranch I sold to a dear friend. She started out a client and she became someone I truly feel blessed to know.

In respect for her privacy, I just want to say she is one of the most courageous people I have ever known. Look at the work this wedding took and this family has such a talented group. Each person brings a unique set of gifts to share.

This is a working horse ranch the arena photo above made a perfect reception area. The bride and groom were dancing in the arena at sunset against a beautiful lavender-pink skyline. Wilton is a part of northern California that still feels like the Wild Wild West in its simplistic natural beauty. read more

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