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Perfect Spot for a Marriage Proposal at Half Dome Summit in Yosemite

proposal at half dome summit

This is not where the marriage proposal at Half Dome summit occurred (that photo is below) but it’s the only horizontal photo I have from Josh, and it’s too beautiful not to include in my blog today. What you see before you is Bridalveil Fall, and if you look closely, you can spot the rainbow at the bottom of the fall. It’s a short hike, relatively speaking, maybe a half hour at most, and it’s very wet along the way. Spray and mist feel great when it’s hot in the summer, in the spring I imagine it’s a bit chilly.

My husband and I have visited Yosemite National Park a couple of times, and we really should go there more often. But I can honestly say I have never received a marriage proposal at Half Dome summit, and it’s too late to start now. I’ve been proposed to instead in all sorts of weird places, won’t bore you with the details. Generally ended up getting married, too, except for one engagement when I finally wised up and started saying no. I mean, really, how many times can one person say yes?

marriage proposal at half dome summit

Vika Gerassimenko and Josh Amolsch, engaged at Half Dome Summit.

When my husband and I decided to get married in the last year of the last century, it came about at the county courthouse in Minneapolis. We were there to get fishing licenses. Hey, I pointed at the posted sign for license fees, it’s cheaper to get a fishing license if you’re married. And look, right over there, we can get a marriage license! How convenient.

Not Josh. The invincible Josh Amolsch from the Elizabeth Weintraub Team. He has been talking about a marriage proposal at Half Dome Summit for a long time. Obviously played it over and over in his head, what he would say, how he would surprise his girlfriend, Victoria. Such a stand-up guy, a gentleman, he took Victoria’s parents out for lunch last week to ask for their daughter’s hand. Everybody on the Elizabeth Weintraub Team was sworn to secrecy. He brought the ring to the office to show all of us, which was only fair since we all gave our valuable input on the selection.

So, this weekend, on May 26th of the year 2018, Josh and Victoria hiked Half Dome. Josh got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. From the photo, she obviously said yes because it’s hard not to spot that gorgeous ring on her hand. This is a fairly treacherous trail, especially when it’s raining. Just last week a hiker fell off and died. Josh said if they hadn’t rented harnesses, they would undoubtedly be dead. That was the last thing I said to him: Do.not.fall.

Congratulations Josh and Victoria, wishing you a lifetime of much love, happiness and laughter.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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