big island of hawaii

Happy Labor Day from the Big Island of Hawaii

big island of hawaii

My husband left the Big Island of Hawaii yesterday to return to our cats in Sacramento. When he rebooked his flight due to the then pressing Hurricane Lane, he could not get a return flight on Labor Day so he had to leave on Sunday. However, that still leaves our exclusive buyer’s agent Josh Amolsch and the beautiful and entertaining Vika at our house with me. And a few more days of vacation before I return to Sacramento real estate and they move on to the island of Kauai.

You would not believe the energy of these two. Of course, they are about half my age but so what. We had a blast yesterday. After dropping Adam at the airport, we decided to thoroughly enjoy what the Big Island of Hawaii has to offer. Starting with a drive past the Coffee Shack in Captain Cook (which is still for sale) on our way to go snorkeling at Two-Step Beach.

Yesterday I had a new experience at Two-Step Beach. I encountered a giant manta ray while snorkeling, sort of snuck up behind him. He wasn’t swimming very fast so I sauntered along behind. The manta ray began to pick up speed and rose toward the surface, so I swam faster and harder. Almost swam right over him. He was enormous. I could almost reach out and touch his back. Incredible.

Those giant manta rays look like a creature from outer space, with horns on the front, a gray and white body, and a long straight tail. First time I ever came across a manta ray while in the water. Also spotted your usual assortment of parrot fish, needle-nose fish and tangs.

On the way back to Kona, we stopped at Huggos for a mai tai and fish tacos. Followed by renting boogie boards and headed to White Sands Beach. Josh gave me his board, tied it to my wrist and I rode that sucker all the way to shore and up the sandy beach. When we got back to our house, I discovered sand in every crevice, nook and cranny. Well worth it. And I left my cell at the house.

Today, we plan to go ziplining in Hilo at the Botanical Gardens. Happy Labor Day from the Big Island of Hawaii!

Elizabeth Weintraub

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