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The Best Review for Sacramento Realtors From Happy Clients

Barbara Dow and Elizabeth Weintraub

Barbara Dow and Elizabeth Weintraub on vacation in Hawaii

Nobody ever says it as well as our Sacramento real estate clients in this best review for Sacramento Realtors. Usually I read a review from a client and I think, wow, this is the best review I’ve ever received, and then a few months later, BAM, we get a better one. I don’t put ideas or thoughts into anybody’s head, and our clients write their own reviews. Without further ado, here is a best review for Sacramento Realtors about Elizabeth Weintraub and Barbara Dow:

“. . . Imagine you are in a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE scenario in your own home . . . We were, and we had consulted with all of our knowledgeable friends on how to successfully accomplish it without anyone getting hurt. Of course, we turned to the WEINTRAUB TEAM for the perfect solution. . . The MISSION  Elizabeth chose to accept: Put our condo on the market at the best price, attract multiple buyers, work effectively and quickly, achieve a price auction so the accepted offer is above the asking price–

“MISSION ACCOMPLISHED . . . and, at the same, in another part of town, another key member of the “Weintraub TEAM” was triangulating our parameters to zero-in on our desired home to purchase. Barbara Dow tirelessly found, showed and continued to find worthy candidates for our consideration. She worked smart, hard and fast. Meanwhile, back on the home front, Elizabeth was approaching closing only days after listing. (hear the intense theme in the background, the fuse is rapidly burning). We must find our new home NOW! Can we really pull this off?

“In a nick of time, Barbara called the next morning with a new listing. She sped us to the scene where we found the perfect home and had our offer in only 90 minutes after it was listed. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Epilogue: The Weintraub Team pulled off a perfect CONCURRENT CLOSE with the sale over asking and the purchase below asking . . .

“MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, and in a mere matter of weeks, well before that burning fuse reached its end. TOTAL SUCCESS.

“The WEINTRAUB TEAM will accomplish your MISSION, contact them NOW! By the way, randomly search almost any real estate question on the internet, and you will find Elizabeth providing your answer. She is a nationally recognized real estate expert. This is the second home we have found thanks to her and her team. I cannot recommend her more enthusiastically or wholeheartedly. If is seems impossible, remember to ask Elizabeth first.”

Thank you, Paul and Leslie. I’ve gotta ask my readers though, isn’t this the best review for Sacramento Realtors you have ever read? I asked if they would write a couple of lines about their experience, and we got a screenplay for Mission Impossible, with a commercial at the end! We love these people!

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