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Statements Furniture in Kailua-Kona Has the Coolest Stuff

statements furniture

Jackie Calkins at Statements Furniture in Kailua Kona after a long day.

They could use a better website but you’re unlikely to find a better furniture store in Kailua-Kona than Statements. I would know because I visited them all last winter. It was interesting. For example, when I spend a lot of money, I often do not dress the part and, in fact, I dress the opposite just to see how I get treated. I can’t say that I received much in the way of customer service at other stores like at Statements Furniture. Sales people are very quick to judge and size up a customer based on the way she dresses.

I generally wander in without makeup, hair a tangled mess, my shorts bleached in spots because one day I decided to spray a ceiling with Tilex without realizing I was in the direct spray. Overly zealous Tilex-ing, I call it. Or thinking too much about Sacramento real estate, more likely, multi-tasking. Not every salesperson notices the manicure, shoes and bag.

However, Jackie Calkins at Statements Furniture was a tremendous help to me. She didn’t refuse to offer assistance based on my appearance. Not only that, but she let me store a Thai table at the store for 6 months. Then, when we were ready to buy furniture, I already had a list that I had compiled during my visit with her. Jackie tracked down every piece I wanted, worked her magic to pull in desired items to meet my arrival date in Kailua-Kona. She made helpful suggestions, she listened.

Which means after all the major pieces of furniture had been delivered and I was ready for some of the finer details, Jackie was ready for me. She gave me her cellphone, and we texted back and forth. I went back to Statements Furniture yesterday to pick out a few more items for the house. Things that one really needs to view in detail.

I described what I’d like to get, and Jackie found it for me. She said she likes working with me because I know what I want and I have the measurements handy. I like working with Jackie because she makes it happen, regardless. She stayed late and kept the store open on Friday night just to help me load up the jeep. Every piece fit, too.

Sometime today I’ll find out how much I spent. We were both too pooped yesterday to finish ringing up the invoice. Hope I don’t faint.

Check out a couple of the unusual end tables and lamps I picked up for our house in Hawaii:

Statements furniture

Wood table made from logs with a driftwood lamp.


Statements Furniture

Lamp with glass base and driftwood from Statements Furniture.


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