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The Long Trip to Sacramento from Big Island

trip from sacramento to big island

What a long trip to Sacramento from Big Island, but it is probably the last time I will ever fly from Big Island on Hawaiian Airlines. Guess I can kiss my Pualani Platinum status goodbye. The thing is, even though Hawaiian changed its flight times, it’s not enough. Because I still have to fly from Big Island to Oahu and hang around the Honolulu airport waiting for the flight to Sacramento.

The trip to Sacramento from Big Island involved an even earlier morning flight out of Kona. Usually I would fly out around noon and get home in Sacramento close to midnight. Now, I leave before 10 AM but I get home at 7:30, so a better time. But the flight time is still as long.

My next trip will be on Alaska Airlines because they fly direct to Kona from Sacramento. Their flight times are also a bit better. On Hawaiian, I have to be at the airport around 6 AM in Sacramento. Alaska presents a much more civilized time to depart, around 11 AM. Just in time for lunch! It arrives in Kona a couple hours later than Hawaiian but it’s still early afternoon because it is nonstop.

Of course, the words on everybody’s lips at the moment is Southwest. Yes, Southwest is now flying to Big Island, but even those flights stop in Honolulu. And they fly out of Oakland, not Sacramento.

Still I am grateful to endure the trip to Sacramento from Big Island because nobody can text or email me. It’s like a mini vacation coming back.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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