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Tri-Level Carmichael Pool Home in Del Dayo Now Pending

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When I first spoke with the seller of this home in Del Dayo, I was working from our house in Hawaii. While I had her on the phone, I pulled up the previous photos in MLS to discuss. While the home was in OK condition when she bought it, there were a few things that the seller needed to change to attract today’s buyers. I gave her a list of those improvements and then introduced her to my preferred home stager. It was better for her to have an expert stager at the house giving her sage advice as well.

During the consultation appointment, the seller called me to discuss various types of flooring, and made sure we’re all on the same page. It wasn’t a big home improvement project and targeted only a few key areas. But the improvements were essential to maximizing value.

Given our state of market, and the fact we had a bit of time, we elected to start at an aggressive price. However, we were unable to complete the countertop repairs and the clock kept ticking. Now we could not go on the market until June. Our spring market was crazy but, beginning in May, it was not unusual to see more price reductions happening. The shift started about then, yet it is still a good market for sellers.

The seller asked to kick it up a notch, so we adjusted the price. Seems the biggest objection buyers had about this home in Del Dayo was due to the fact 1) many of the buyers were older and 2) preferred a single level. I don’t know really why they were looking at a tri-level when they wanted to buy a single level except that many of the potential buyers seemed to be older. Perhaps because the price was over $1.2 million. Not a lot of first-time home buyers in that price range. Still, they can see that the home is three levels, but maybe the beauty of the home was too overwhelming.

It is a gorgeous home. So modern, open and spacious. I can see people becoming so comfortable on the main level that they forget about the lower level multi-generational quarters, as well as the upper level with even more bedrooms. Because every amenity an owner needs is on the main level. Our buyers came to tour the home during an open house. They’ve been back to view the home 3 or 4 more times before making their offer. They wanted to be certain this is the home. And this is the home.

1661 Del Dayo Drive, Carmichael, CA 95608 is presently pending. If you have a home in Carmichael or anywhere else in the Sacramento Valley, please call me. I can sell your home, too. Elizabeth Weintraub, 916.233.6759.

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