Sacramento Real Estate, TMJ and Linda Ronstadt’s Book

Sacramento Tower BridgeIf I had to do it over again, I would not have let the dentist yank out 2 upper molars and 2 lower teeth at the same time. This is a person, mind you, who back in her youth had one wisdom tooth at a time extracted, yet, when it comes to implants, I tell them the more the merrier, just rip ’em all out. Hello, TMJ? I share this bit of over-the-top information with my readers so if you are ever in the same boat, and we are all getting older in this life, remember my advice. Tessa

Contessa the Ocicat

Yet, I still continue to work because the work is there and my clients count on me. I’m also addicted to real estate, as my husband will attest. Just because I’m staggering around the house like Dr. House, popping Vicodin and kicking little kittens to the wall with my cane, doesn’t mean I’m not hard at work, either. For proof, here is a photo of our new kitten, Tessa. Oblivious to the fact her toothless mom is in agony.

I can’t really concentrate on the agony or feeling sorry for my miserable self when there is so much going on. Despite everything, I managed to sell two homes: a home in Elk Grove and another in the Med Center. I also listed two homes, a condo in Arden Arcade area and a fixer in South Sacramento.

Then, yesterday, a third-party vendor for Bank of America called. I realize they have to read scripts and are reined in so tightly their elbows rub their cubicle desk-mates’, but they don’t have to talk like Lily Tomlin doing Ernestine. Fortunately, I have my iPad next to me in bed, where I was resting my jaw and could look up all of the information requested. The negotiators now call to let agents know that they’ve uploaded a counter offer in Equator. The used to just send an unending series of emails, but now they also call.

The counter offer was missing the payoff to the second. This was not a case of a miraculous second mortgage release. The second was still secured to the property. It also missed authorization for documentary transfer stamps. I could issue a counter to the negotiator’s counter, but see, then I’m labeled a troublemaker and they get irritated. It’s a lot more interesting to simply accept the counter and then point out the mistakes. Think about it. I’m just trying to comply with their wishes. I can’t help their bozo factor.

We now wait for the negotiator to fix the errors on her end so we can move forward. It’s not like this short sale will have its approval delayed because of this tactic because we’ve still got lovely Green Tree to contend with. Green Tree, if it wants to, can take 90 days to approve. I still close many short sales in Sacramento, although the volume of short sales has decreased and the volume of regular sales has increased dramatically this year, yay!

I have also managed to squeeze in some reading. Just finished downloading and reading Linda Ronstadt’s book, Simple Dreams . Simply put, it’s a simple book. If you’re looking for insight into Linda Ronstadt, what she thinks, hopes, her aspirations, opinions, dreams, any specific details from her life, you won’t get it from this book. It’s possible she has nothing to share. I read the book wondering didn’t she ever date anyone? Jerry Brown, for example? There was a photo of them running on the beach.

My husband and I saw Linda Ronstadt perform in January of 2009 at the Mondavi Center in Davis, California. She stopped singing a short 9 months later. Parkinson’s. Even though her book was a disappointment to me, Linda Ronstadt herself is inspirational.

At least I can hang my future on the fact that some morning I will get up and my jaw will no longer ache. My implants will be in place, and I’ll be experiencing chomper bliss. And Sacramento real estate will continue to move on.

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