Sacramento Real Estate is Not About Crossing Bridges Twice

Sacramento Tower BridgeA client emailed to say he admires my optimism. As a Sacramento real estate agent, I am pretty much required to be optimistic because if I let every little thing get to me, I’d be a mad woman. Without optimism, I’d be crouching in a corner, knuckles dragging the ground, frizzy hair in my face, licking the asbestos and giggling to myself.

Not only am I an optimist, but I am a problem solver and am paid to anticipate problems before the happen. If a problem slips past me and blows up into a full-blown “situation,” I am responsible for deflating it, managing expectations and resolving issues. Happy endings, that’s what I strive for.

I want my real estate clients to be happy when we go into escrow, during escrow and when escrow closes. I want no doubt in their minds that I did my job to the fullest of my abilities, and that I performed a good, no . . . a GREAT job.

Selling a house is stressful for sellers. First, they worry nobody will buy it. Then they worry buyers won’t pay enough. After that, it’s whether the buyers will really qualify for their loan or if the lender will find some reason to deny it, whether the home will appraise at value, if the buyer’s home inspection will reveal some ugly truth that requires resolution or renegotiation. There are a million things to worry about. Or not.

When clients ask me what can go wrong, thinking they can prepare themselves, my answer is there is no reason to cross a bridge a twice. Especially when one may never cross that bridge at all. There is no reason to bring heartbreak or anxiety into a transaction if it doesn’t belong there.

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