Sacramento Agents Display Patience for a First-Time Home Buyer

first time home buyer in sacramento

Many first-time home buyers find Sacramento Realtor Elizabeth Weintraub on their cellphone.

So many first-time home buyers in Sacramento find my name in Google when they are looking for property. All they have to do is put in a property address and much of the time, my website shows up. I’m not entirely certain how or why that happens, but I bet it’s because I am outrageously active online and have been in the real estate business forever. You can’t hardly click on a website about Sacramento homes for sale without finding my smiling face. It’s a tough choice for consumers, but not nearly as tough as some would make it.

Not nearly as tough either as, say, choosing the winners for the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2016. The way I read the nominees and how they vote, the members eligible to vote can choose to vote for only 3 non-performing nominees, two performing nominees and one dead person. This hardly seems fair when the two dead people up for nomination are George Harrison and Jimi Hendrix. Both were incredibly talented and made an enormous impact on the music industry through songwriting.

But you know who will probably win, the older guy will win. The one who has been around longer and with whom more people identify. Much as I love George Harrison, I really wish Jimi Hendrix would win. Not just because he’s part of that rock-stars-who-died-at-27 group but, like Paul Allen has publicly  expressed, Jimi Hendrix holds a special place in my heart as well. Part of that appeal could be due to LSD, hard to say, and I don’t think Paul Allen would argue that point. Allen still has a museum display honoring Jimi Hendrix at the Experience Music Project, which my husband and I had visited in Seattle when it opened but has over the years morphed into something else called EMP.

Tough choice, that dead person category. Not so tough as to which agent to work with in Sacramento. A first-time home buyer called yesterday to ask about condos in the Pocket and what he thought was my listing. It had my name on it, he said. He could not remember where he saw the property except that it was online. I am so many places online that even I don’t know where all of my marketing is these days. It’s everywhere. Still, even though it wasn’t my listing, I offered to help. It was only a $100,000 condo, but if I didn’t help him, who would?

Not only was that condo in pending status since June — June? Hello? Nothing can be pending since June unless there is something very odd going on. It was originally pending short lender approval and since June pending? That’s unlikely. But I also noticed a withdrawn listing that was the same model. Now, we have several avenues to pursue and follow up for that buyer. At least he is on automatic listings now so whenever a new condo hits the market, he will get that listing, and we might be able to show him both of the other condos. One way or another, we will help this first-time home buyer buy a home and close escrow.


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