Reasons to Make New Mistakes as a REALTOR in Sacramento

Sacramento RealtorSeveral journalists called yesterday to talk about real estate. One reporter wanted to discuss the market, multiple offers, and which way the market was heading. Any little thing could upset the apple cart by summer. Our market is squirrelly. Another talked about stripping homes for sale and vandalism (for a local Sacramento publication), a sorry state of affairs in town. The thing about being a busy REALTOR in Sacramento is the fact I always have something to talk about. There are zero days in which nothing whatsoever goes on. Something is always happening.

I shot photos of a home in the Med Center and signed a listing there yesterday. The craftsman bungalow will go on the market next week. It wasn’t until I arrived at my next destination in Gardenland that I realized I had left my camera bag and accessories at the first house in the Med Center. That’s what I get for not carting out all of my real estate belongings in my travel bag. When I left home yesterday morning, I thought I did not need to pack up my stuff in my travel bag because I wasn’t transporting my usual number of electronic gizmos, folders and lockboxes. But when I make an exception to my usual business practice, that’s when I can forget an item or leave it behind. So, it was really my fault that I left the camera bag and had to go back for it. Altering the status quo.

It’s another reason to always do things the same way. It prevents one from making mistakes. I take care not to make mistakes and especially not to repeat mistakes. If you repeat a mistake, it means you did not learn from it the first time around, and that makes you kind of a moron, I hate to say. The main thing to take away from a mistake is the lesson you learn. Making mistakes is the silver lining to messing up. One more thing to chalk up and swear you won’t ever do again.

It’s better, of course, to learn from somebody else’s mistake but we rarely do that. No, the great lessons in life we seem to be bent on learning ourselves first hand. Of course, it doesn’t help that we have our parents and other authority figures trying to give us advice. Like if you sit too close to the TV you’ll go blind. That’s just wrong and stupid. But in the back of your mind you might wonder about it. And when you realize just how wrong and stupid that kind of advice actually is then you begin to doubt everything else that person has ever told you, and you’re back to learning lessons the hard way. From experience.

And just think, if you never made another mistake in life, you might stop learning. And that would be absolutely horrible. Life is one long lesson.

So, if you’ve got a question about real estate in Sacramento, buying or selling a home or just want to talk with a REALTOR, it’s OK to call Elizabeth Weintraub. I’ve always got a perspective to share.

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