The Personality and Kind of Home Buyers Fits into 7 Different Types

what kind of home buyer are you

Here is how to figure out what kind of home buyer are you?

If you have ever wondered how real estate agents generalize about you and what kind of home buyer are you in their eyes, this article is certain to entertain. Why, you might believe that you cannot be categorized and that there is nobody else on the face of the earth just like you, but, you might be surprised by that assumption.

Before I venture further, let me confess that yes, I have been frequently accused of anthropomorphism, but it’s sometimes the best way to define a stereotype as it is easy to understand. We harbor certain types of characterizations about other people and ourselves that often relate to the animal kingdom. One can tiptoe about as quiet as a mouse or plod on clumsy as an ox, although our cats, if you notice, prefer ballet, the little acrobats that they are. Even they must wonder what kind of home buyer are you.

I might be drawn to categorizations lately because I’ve watched a handful of movies recently about the order of future societies: The Giver, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Divergent and yes, even The Lego Movie. It’s also not unusual for me to apply thoughts about other situations to real estate because I am engaged so heavily in the practice of real estate. I spend most of my waking hours thinking about selling or buying homes. It’s a passion.

However, if you asked me which category I fit into when describing the different types of home buyers, I would readily admit that I am a rebel and therefore do not fit neatly into any category. Although, I could be the fox. I am a square peg in a round hole. I can be obstreperous if pushed, which is probably why I excel at negotiations and do so well with short sales. I’ve got spunk.

Enough spunk to write an article called What Kind Home Buyer Are You, in which just about every kind of home buyer is defined and aligned with the characteristics of our favorite creatures, and not necessarily narrowed to the four-legged. But please, let me know what kind of home buyer you are, OK?

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