NGR is Why Buyers Cancel a Short Sale

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Buyers tend to cancel a short sale for NGR.

This Sacramento short sale agent rarely loses a short sale for any reason. Oh, sure, sometimes I will end up with a seller who pleads with me to put her out of misery and to let her home die a faster death through foreclosure, but thank goodness those situations are unusual and scarce. Most sellers want to do a short sale regardless of how painful. They are willing to pay the emotional toll to the troll known as the short sale bank negotiator at their lender’s bank.

My success rate is an open book. Anybody can go to my website and look at my closed short sale transactions for the year. Apart from all of my closed listings, visitors can also view the list of closed short sales in a separate link titled closed short sales in Sacramento. I close short sales from El Dorado County, to Yolo County, Placer County and all the way to the communities of Wilton and Galt in Sacramento. If it’s a short sale, you’ll probably find me there.

I attribute this success to 2 things. I don’t give up, so I don’t listen to the word No. And we try to qualify the buyers. To lessen the chance a buyer will cancel a short sale. A short sale is like juggling many different pieces with a future goal for everybody to all end up in the same place on a certain day, and yet each of those pieces is like a cat, wanting to go in its own direction. You want to juggle cats for a living? Welcome to the life of a Sacramento short sale agent.

We all want to reach that happy spot, the end of the rainbow. And yet, every so often a short sale ends up going back on the market, generally right after it’s been moved into pending status, upon short sale approval. When it does, buyer’s agents call me to ask why the buyer canceled. That’s a normal question but typically the answer is NGR. I’ve weeded out all of the ordinary objections upfront. After short sale approval, there is basically NGR to cancel.

Oh, but what if something is wrong? Like the furnace won’t turn on or god forbid should the bathtub fixtures not match those in the sink? Welcome to home ownership. The next house in 6 months could have something malfunction as well. You want the house, you buy it. You don’t want the house? Next.

I shot the photo on this page yesterday. It is the rainbow over Bora Bora on New Year’s Day. Welcome to 2013.

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