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What Crazy Thing is Going on With That Carmichael Short Sale?

carmichael short sale

This Carmichael short sale needs a 100% committed real buyer.

The reason I am writing this blog is so I can email it to buyer’s agents who call me with the question: What’s going on with that Carmichael short sale? Because it’s too convoluted and crazy to talk about otherwise. Yup, I also wanna see what happened in black-and-white myself because I can’t quite believe it myself. The good news is this home is now available to buy as a short sale in Carmichael, soon as as we get the cancellation from the buyers.

Our first set of buyers for this Carmichael short sale were just “practice” buyers. Not really willing to wait out the short sale process for an FHA short sale, which is like the horror of all horrible short sales, even though they promised. Next. My team and I fought and escalated and argued and got the trustee’s sale postponed.  New buyers entered the picture, investors, represented by their agent mom. Submitted offer, which clearly stated mom represented the buyers. Many lenders allow that relationship. read more

NGR is Why Buyers Cancel a Short Sale

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Buyers tend to cancel a short sale for NGR.

This Sacramento short sale agent rarely loses a short sale for any reason. Oh, sure, sometimes I will end up with a seller who pleads with me to put her out of misery and to let her home die a faster death through foreclosure, but thank goodness those situations are unusual and scarce. Most sellers want to do a short sale regardless of how painful. They are willing to pay the emotional toll to the troll known as the short sale bank negotiator at their lender’s bank.

My success rate is an open book. Anybody can go to my website and look at my closed short sale transactions for the year. Apart from all of my closed listings, visitors can also view the list of closed short sales in a separate link titled closed short sales in Sacramento. I close short sales from El Dorado County, to Yolo County, Placer County and all the way to the communities of Wilton and Galt in Sacramento. If it’s a short sale, you’ll probably find me there. read more

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