More to a Sunday in Sacramento Than Open Houses

Car-Pile-Up-26th-300x199Weird stuff went on in Sacramento this Sunday, but not weird enough to make this city like Portland or anything. To kick off a pre-open-house Sunday morning, we are heading off to brunch at The Red Rabbit in Midtown on J Street, over by my Lyon office, when we drive by this car pile up (left). At first, I’m wondering: why is this car in front of us at a deadstop on 26th Street? Then, I realize its driver is staring at a car on top of another car. So, I did what any good citizen would do in this day and age, and I hopped out of the car to shoot a photo with my cellphone.

This is terrible, what we do, taking photos of other people’s tragedies. You can’t witness any horrible event without watching people stand there with their stupid cellphones taking pictures. It could be a bloody police shootout on Riverside Boulevard, and people would be on top of the roof shooting cellphone photos. What do they do with those photos? Send them to their uncle in Pocatello? Why would he care? Oh, right, because he’s living in Pocatello and not in this exciting metropolitan city known as Sacramento.

Venus-Fly-Trap.300x225Which takes us to the carnivorous plant show at Shepard Garden and Arts Center in McKinley Park in East Sacramento. This is an annual show by the Sacramento Bromeliad and Carnivorous Plant Societywhich we’ve never attended in the past, but after the car pileup, it called to us as a likely destination. Table upon table of strikingly beautiful and silent plants. There was nobody screaming FEED ME. Even the kids in tow with their parents were quiet.

Two Female Chihuahuas.300x200As I was shooting a picture of this baby Venus Fly Trap (above), my cellphone rang. It was a woman who might be interested in adopting the rescue Chihuahuas (left). Well, she did hold an interest until she came home from a weekend vacation to discover her cat was not happy that she had left. I once had a cat destroy an entire bathroom — twice. Hers just ruined the sofa. However, she needed to pass on the adoption but has a friend who might be interested. Yes, we still have those rescue Chihuahuas in our back yard.

Look at how stupendously adorable they are! The little brown one is crying because she has no home. Nobody wants her. She is incredibly sweet. She does not understand. Her sister, the sad little girl on the right, is so stoic but you can see the struggle in her brave little eyes, because she’s clinging to a shred of hope that a loving home for them is just around the corner. You can call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759.

I came back to my home in Land Park hoping that DocuSign had sent me a signed offer for one of my recent listings. This is for a client who told me she no longer wants to deal with the Internet. She was canceling her email service and all Internet services. It’s difficult for me, as a Sacramento real estate agent, to digest this attitude, but I go with the flow. I figured I’d slip in the purchase contract by sending it to DocuSign before this momentous event happened. When I called my client to find out why she had not signed the purchase contract I had uploaded to DocuSign, she informed me that DocuSign asked if she was willing to do business on the Internet. Of course, the answer to that question for her was a resounding NO. Followed by a scream.

Maybe somebody today will come over and adopt the Chihuahuas? A girl can hope.

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