Mobile Signers Make House Calls for Sacramento Home Sellers

Sacramento Mobile Signers-300x200Many home sellers in Sacramento do not realize that mobile signers make house calls. A seller is not required to make the trip to the title company to sign closing escrow papers. The title company, more or less, can come to the seller. Darn right, I can hear some sellers saying. Yes, it’s true, this Sacramento real estate agent works with a lot of grumpy people but that’s OK. I make allowances for people older than me. Younger though, all bets are off. You whippersnappers, you hop on your segways and skedaddle over to the title company, and no whining.

Even my sellers of Sacramento short sales can get a mobile signer to come to them at no charge, providing the bank will allow the notary fee on the HUD. Yet, any seller can utilize a mobile signer. Other sellers, though, generally have to pay a little bit extra for the service. Almost all title companies charge some type of notary fee, although it is not much. Some do not charge a notary fee and consider it part of the transaction built into the escrow fee. However, when a person drives across town to meet a seller, there generally is an additional fee for that service, usually around $125.

I have a lucky seller signing closing docs next week on a short sale and the mobile signer is coming to her house, and the seller doesn’t have to pay anything out of pocket. This woman is in her 80s. The mobile signer fee is approved on the HUD by her short sale bank. We build that fee into our short sales, especially to accommodate older sellers who find it difficult or irritating to drive.

Moreover, very busy sellers love mobile signers as well. Not only will the mobile signer come to your house, but you can meet the notary at a Starbucks or your office or even at the local bowling alley, if that’s where you prefer. There is no reason to have to make the trek into the title company to close escrow, if that’s inconvenient. Ask your Sacramento real estate agent how you can get a mobile signer to make a house call. Twenty minutes to sign docs and you’re done.


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