MetroList in Sacramento Could Use Updated Technology

Sacramento-MLS.300x200I wish MetroList would be more like me but if wishes were fishes most of us wouldn’t eat. When it’s 9:30 AM and you’re still on the computer typing away in your nightgown and you haven’t had breakfast and you’re starving to death, I would say that is most likely the sign of a dedicated real estate agent. If you ask my husband, he would say something different. He would use other adjectives and nouns, which I won’t mention.

If said husband walked into a certain home office and said his doctor ordered him to go immediately to the E.R., that same pertinacious real estate agent might have to download stuff to a flash drive or upload documents to the cloud before she could confidently grab her laptop computer and hightail it to Mercy Hospital before said husband croaks right there under the ceiling fan.

If it’s 3 PM and a lunch salad sits lonely and forlorn, half-made on the kitchen counter, because every time said real estate agent stops what she is doing to chop veggies her email dings with an urgent matter, that’s an agent who just can’t get off her computer. Some days are like that. Some days are not.

If every single day delivered 7 AM to 7 PM constant high pressure, I’d go insane. But fortunately, they do not. And that’s what makes being a Sacramento real estate agent interesting. There is variety. Intense situations, followed by a calmness. Who needs to be bipolar? (No offense to bipolar people.)

This morning MetroList totally messed up on-market listings. I heard it was a coding that caused the problem. Why-oh-why is a major software conglomerate like MetroList, on which millions of people depend, relying on a wonky plugin? No idea. But it prevented two new listings from going live last night so my photos did not download nor did the listings. You can’t always depend on MLS and technology. It seems real estate tool providers are always the last to adopt new systems. Yet, this is where much of the money is, in real estate, and the worker bees get crap.

But you can depend on this Sacramento real estate agent to be glued to her computer and responsive to callers, even if MetroList is down.

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