Looking For a Dream Home Can Be Like Finding A Lost Hearing Aid

Looking For a Dream Home Can Be Like Finding A Lost Hearing Aid.

Looking for a dream home can be like finding a lost hearing aid. My mom is here in Wilton with me for a few days every other week. She helps so much with all the animals, she does my laundry, cleans cat boxes. She loves her children so much. At 83, she is a machine. I often have to say, “Mom, it’s 2 AM, let’s go to sleep as I have to work tomorrow,” lol, it is true. She will be moping the floor and I say: “Mom, it’s midnight, why are you moping?” The answer is so she has a head start tomorrow. I hope at 83 I’m half as tough as she.

So, you’re maybe thinking, OK, what does this have to do with a hearing aid? Well, Mom wears a hearing aid. She set it next to the bed and not in the case I gave her. So last night she tells me, “Oh, no, it’s gone.” I asked what is gone? “My hearing aid,” she exclaimed. She heard one of my menagerie of cats playing with something while she was changing the bed (yes, she changes the sheets, too; I’m so spoiled).

I started looking around and I found the battery, then a piece of the ear cover. Finally, I’m about to move my book cabinet out and, lo and behold, here is her hearing aid. It was smack in a pile of dust under the cabinet. Well, she was thrilled. We had been on our hands and knees with flashlights looking at every inch of floorspace wondering: will we ever find it? Cats love to knock stuff off counters and play bat-mitten, it should be called cat-mitten.

I was thinking about how a Zillow buyer called today and wanted a new home in Elk Grove, California. Must be less than 10 years new. Also 3 bedrooms and a two-story, plus a decent back yard for $350k. Well, in all three zip codes, not one house. We looked everywhere. nothing in resale so now checking one new subdivision, This hunting for a house with very low odds reminded me of our hearing aid hunt. Elk Grove has become a very high demand area.

Looking for a dream home under $350,000 in Elk Grove can be like finding a lost hearing aid. You just have to take a systematic approach in your search and not give up. If you want to find your dream home, call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors with RE/MAX Gold. We can be reached at 916-233-6759.

JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
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