Computers And Cats In Sacramento

Computers and Cats in Sacramento

Computer and cats in Sacramento is a fun blog to write about. As I was starting to write, my cat, Kits, jumped up onto my computer tower. It is positioned right behind the monitor. He looked over the top and was playing hide and seek. This photo is worth a 1000 words. The good news, I’m not going to write 1000 words, lol.

The joys of working from home are the cats keep me smiling. Kits is a purebred male Ragdoll cat. I own his mother and father, so I have had him since the day he was born. The cats often come and sit right in front of monitor, I call it the command center. read more

Ziggy and the Talking Hamster

Ziggy and the Talking Hamster

How could I have forgotten about Ziggy and the talking hamster? This is a plush toy for kids that my sister mailed to me last year, and I’ve been in Hawaii for so long I didn’t realize I had this. But there it was, in my bookcase, buried in all of my Lyon Real Estate awards.

It is the cutest thing. Of course, we don’t have any “real” children but we do have cats. And this is our youngest cat, Ziggy, who is a ragdoll, which is pretty much the perfect type of cat. Beautiful dispositions, so playful, lovable and sweet. My friend, JaCi Wallace, gave us this kitten when he was still a baby. He is still growing. He is almost two years old now, but has not reached his full size yet. read more

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