Our Elk Grove Feral Cats Both Say Goodbye In 2019

Our Elk Grove Feral Cats Both Say Goodbye In 2019

Our Elk Grove feral cats both say goodbye in 2019. This photo shows both senior ladies sleeping happily together. Anyone who knows cats appreciate when they head butt each other and sweetly groom one another. These two were besties. Angel the cream-colored girl left us a few months ago; she was 18-20 years old, per the vets. Skittles was the brindle girl estimated 16 plus years of age.

They both slept on our covered deck with heating pads and heat lamps in winter and a swamp cooler and fans in the summer. My sister lives next door in my duplex. She had taken over the daily care of the girls as I work so much and the deck is just outside her patio slider door. She worried about these senior cats. We would go out at night with a flashlight calling them even in terrible weather. Anytime they didn’t come up for dinner we were out to try and find them. read more

Looking For a Dream Home Can Be Like Finding A Lost Hearing Aid

Looking For a Dream Home Can Be Like Finding A Lost Hearing Aid.

Looking for a dream home can be like finding a lost hearing aid. My mom is here in Wilton with me for a few days every other week. She helps so much with all the animals, she does my laundry, cleans cat boxes. She loves her children so much. At 83, she is a machine. I often have to say, “Mom, it’s 2 AM, let’s go to sleep as I have to work tomorrow,” lol, it is true. She will be moping the floor and I say: “Mom, it’s midnight, why are you moping?” The answer is so she has a head start tomorrow. I hope at 83 I’m half as tough as she. read more

Rural Life With a mouse Always Keeps it Interesting

Rural life with a mouse always keeps it interesting. Everyone has their mouse catching stories, from humor to sheer yuck! So my sister — unable to have an indoor cat to do mouse patrol because she’s extremely allergic — has tried various methods with extreme results. In her last home, someone in the neighborhood had used rodent poison and she ended up with one dead mouse decaying in a wall with a horrible smell. Not sure which wall, it became a hit and miss to locate and eradicate the corpse. Kind of like whack-a-mole. read more

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In The House

fleas in the house

How to get rid of fleas in the house was written by Elizabeth on another website. Enjoy, JaCi .

Little is worse than showing a house to prospective buyers and discovering dozens of fleas jumping on you and your clients. I know, because I’ve been there. Even vacant homes can harbor fleas. Fleas live in the carpet and furniture, which means if you vacuum them up, they will still hatch from eggs. Fleas can multiply like crazy almost overnight, and before you know it, you’ve got a full-blown flea infestation. read more

Orange Tabby Kittens

Orange Tabby Kittens

Orange tabby kittens are my favorite. I have 2 now as my older male Yoda passed away a few months ago.  He had been very ill but would not give up the fight. One day he disappeared. I found him as I went down by the pond. I saw a little tree growing out of the edge of the water. I like to imagine he was watching the ducks on the pond and that he was so tired he simply took a long nap and never awakened. I picked him up and we buried him in our animal cemetery out back. 

Oh, how I love farm life in Sacramento. read more

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