How Are These Sacramento Real Estate Things Still a Thing?

how is this thing still a thingMy experience of working with agents over the past 40 years shows that you can’t change a narcissistic real estate agent, no matter how much that agent might desire to change, if the agent is clueless. It’s generally cluelessness that causes a self-centered agent to say silly things. After all, agents are not immune to ignorance in any greater numbers than any other person in the world. It’s the bell curve distribution. You’ve got bad doctors, bad politicians, bad school teachers, bad law enforcement officials, and bad real estate agents, along with the good.

Some agent implied recently that she felt the REALTOR Code of Ethics is an over dramatization of the industry and appeared as though she preferred to pick and choose which Articles to adhere to and ignore the rest. Because this agent must operate in a vacuum, dancing alone to tunes in her head that only she can hear. Or, perhaps she is not a REALTOR because only REALTORS must adapt the REALTOR Code of Ethics. You can’t change agents like that. They don’t want education. How is it that some agents are not a REALTOR? How is that still a thing?

Earlier this week another agent said she was not submitting an offer for her buyers on a short sale listing because we would make her promise to stop writing offers for that buyer. Duh. It’s a good thing we avoided getting tangled up with that disaster, but how is this type of ignorance still a thing? After 10 years of Sacramento short sales, how are real estate agents still under the goofy impression that it’s a worthwhile endeavor to write a bunch of offers for a buyer when a buyer can purchase only one home? It’s a waste of time for everybody involved, including the buyer’s agent. And it’s considered against the law.

Let’s see, Ms. Shit for Brains . . . you want to write an offer on an Elk Grove short sale but you don’t want to commit to waiting for short sale approval? You want us to accept your buyer’s offer, remove the home from the market, submit the entire short sale package to the bank, advise you weekly on our activities, negotiate the short sale, resubmit endless financials and, after 8 to 12 weeks, while the foreclosure doomsday clock is still ticking for our sellers, finally produce a short sale approval letter only for your buyer to announce that she has purchased a different home?

You want to waste the time of all of these dedicated people: the Sacramento listing agent, her team members, transaction coordinator, escrow officer, title officer, the buyer’s lender and the sellers’ entire extended family on the off-chance that maybe your buyer will elect to perform at the 11th hour? What are you thinking? Where is your head? How is this still a thing?

Granted, some agents list short sales that they should not be listing because they did not qualify the sellers for the short sale or it’s priced inappropriately or they are using a third-party vendor for negotiation, but that’s not the case with this Sacramento Realtor. I have closed more short sales since 2006 than any other agent in a 7-county area. My short sales close. That’s because we choose to go into escrow with strong buyers who are committed to closing, and because it’s doubtful you will find a more qualified Realtor in Sacramento to negotiate your short sale.

But, seriously, after all these years, how is this attitude toward short sales still a thing?

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