Closing a Condo in Roseville Involved 3 Sets of Buyers

selling a condo in rosevilleWhen I got the message yesterday that my listing for the condo in Roseville had closed, I had just picked up the lockbox and stopped at Nordstrom in the Galleria to try on shoes. I can’t drive by the Galleria without stopping at Nordstrom, apparently. Whatever happened to the 3-inch heel? That’s what I’d like to know. Poof, gone, vanished. Almost every shoe in the store was either completely flat, a 2-inch heel or some crazy Lady Gaga / Elton John shoes which, when I try to wear them, makes me fear for my life because it’s a long way down to the pavement where I shall smash my face if I topple.

You know what’s funnier than watching a baby trying to walk in her mother’s shoes? Watching women over 60 trying to get up off the comfy sofa at Nordstrom and strut about in 7-inch platforms. I couldn’t even stand to look at my own feet.

So, I sat back down to call the seller of the condo in Roseville and let him know that his long ordeal was over. It seems to me the last time I had a lengthy conversation in an odd place about this condo was last year at the Four Seasons in Lanai at Manele Bay. That was a phone call with an agent involving the first buyer who was freaking out because there had been litigation at one time in that particular complex, so the buyer wanted to cancel.

As I do when these unfortunate things happen beyond my control, I put the condo in Roseville back on the market and found another buyer. We waited almost a week while calling the buyer’s agent every day to receive the buyer’s deposit. Shortly after the deposit arrived in escrow, that buyer canceled as well. It’s hard to say why. Usually it has nothing to do with the property and more to do with the fact the buyer gets cold feet.

I pleaded with the Roseville condo seller to please be patient, and I would find another buyer. Find another buyer I did. This time through a veteran agent who used to work at Lyon but had gone off elsewhere as agents often tend to do. My gut instincts told me we could rely on this agent. Not so much his lender, though, who could not do the loan for a variety of odd reasons. But the agent was resourceful, his buyer really wanted the property, and she finally came up with cash.

We closed yesterday, and nothing thrilled me more, not even the nude Tory Burch patent leather sandals, than to call the seller to assure him this transaction was over.

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