Why, No, You Can’t Buy That Sacramento Home

Tell a person she can’t have something, and she wants it even more. Just seems to be human nature. The way things work. If Sacramento home buyers are interested in a home, all you have to say is they might not be able to buy it, and they break out in a sweat. I imagine their hearts begin to beat rather fast. I mean, I know that feeling. I am not immune to not always getting what I want.

There’s a restaurant in Chicago that I feel compelled to visit, and there are no reservations available in November when I will be there. It serves 23 courses for dinner. The only way to get a reservation at this restaurant is to hope a table opening pops up through Facebook. There’s a chance my husband and I won’t be able to go this restaurant. That will be a little bit disappointing, but it’s not the end of the world. You know why? Because there are other restaurants in Chicago and, like my mother used to say, think about the starving children in China!

OK, that didn’t help at all. But you get my drift.

Not having any inventory in the Sacramento real estate market is driving some home buyers nuts. They can’t stand it. I know because as a busy Sacramento real estate agent, I manage a lot of listings — more than some brokerages –and I get calls all day long about homes that are pending. Pending as in ready to close escrow. Solid offers from committed buyers, yet all of these callers want to know if the present buyer might change his or her mind. People might be off their rockers, but they’re not crazy enough to back out of a transaction when there is nothing else to buy.

All of the normal things a Sacramento real estate agent usually worries about are no longer much of a concern in this market. Home inspection? Spittooey. No problem. Long as the home is still standing and supported by four walls and a roof, they’ll take it. No seller concession? Who cares? Not today’s home buyers. You want a contingency release? Where do we sign? This is a fabulous real estate market for a seller and her listing agent! It’s not so hot for home buyers but it’s unusual, to say the least, to be on the other side of the fence for a change.

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