What Virtual Staging a Home For Sale Looks Like

virtual staging a home

Virtual staging a home for sale can make a huge difference for sellers in many ways, but did you know it can increase buyer showings, too? As I always say: “if I don’t show it I can’t sell it.” I am about to show you a way to use staging a property with reduced costs of about $40 per photo.

Real staging can cost several thousand dollars. A property may not look as warm and inviting once the furniture is removed and this can make a powerful impression online. Take a look at the photo above. Can you tell that this is a virtual staging? There is not any furniture in this room. There is not a TV above the fireplace. These images are superimposed onto a high resolution photograph! See the original layout below.

virtual staging

The comparisons of virtual staging a home versus non-staged are so remarkable and fun. The next grouping will be of a master bedroom and the results are so obvious.

I use these photos to demonstrate what virtual staging can do. Of course, real furniture is the best choice but, it is not always in the budget. Even if it is affordable, a client may not be able to envision what staging can do. This is an opportunity for me to directly connect the seller’s vision with mine. When clients can view their own photos virtually staged, it is often the tipping point in her marketing choices. This demonstration will often result in the seller agreeing to staging a home for sale and approving the costs as a necessity.

virtual staging a home
Unstaged Master Bedroom

The above and below photographs clearly show the incredible differences between virtual staging a home for sale and a vacant house. A picture is worth a thousand words or perhaps in this case a thousand dollars for furnishing two rooms that will make the largest impact on first impressions. As a top Sacramento Realtor using all available tools such as staging and virtual staging is part of our team’s multi-stage marketing plan.

virtual staging a home
Virtual Staged Master Bedroom

If you would like to feature your home for sale using virtual photography technology, contact the Weintraub & Wallace team, as we use creative tools every day to successfully market and sell homes. Call 916-233-6759 today!

— JaCi Wallace

Weintraub & Wallace

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