Waking Up in Port Vila is Better Than the Journey to Vanuatu

sunny eratap beach bungalowA scent of wet soil is the first thing you notice getting off the plane in Port Vila, Vanuatu, at midnight. It’s an almost overpowering odor that encompasses lush vegetation, no doubt, and that island dirt. You can feel the moisture in the air, but the smell of moisture is more prevalent. I was so overjoyed to be here that I would have kissed the ground except I was too tired to get back up. The entire trip, from Honolulu to the resort in Port Vila is about 24 hours, and I’m not even sure what day it is at the moment.

We stopped in Brisbane, Australia, went through customs and back up through security again. People have odd expressions for things in Australia. A woman asked if I was in the queue instead of standing in line, exit signs are marked WAY OUT and a restaurant server asked if I would like cereal on top of my yogurt. She could not fathom that I would enjoy plain yogurt.

The one thing I am sure of is how supportive my team has been in my absence. Those guys are simply amazing. Of course, you know, all I have to do is go outside the country without cellphone coverage or WiFi for 24 hours, and everything happens at once. A home that has been difficult to show over the past 3 months suddenly sells for list price. That sort of stuff. Or multiple offers on another home.

Landing Vanuatu midnightI’ve watched everybody spring into action to help out, and I couldn’t feel more proud of how the team pulls together. Barbara Dow is going out to Natomas to meet with 3 sellers who don’t have much internet savvy to sign an offer. Josh Amolsch is meeting with another to explain how the multiple counter offers work. My valued right-hand TC has solved so many problems that they’re over by the time I hear about them. Placer Title has been phenomenal as well.

Even though I am often reluctant to let go because I always feel like my fingers and input need to be inserted into every transaction, it’s so reassuring to know that my sellers are in good hands in my absence. My team just does what needs to be done, without question. I feel like the most fortunate Sacramento REALTOR on the face of the planet this morning.

Even if I did try to heat up coffee grounds in hot water and could not figure out why they resided at the bottom of my cup, mocking me. Because it wasn’t instant coffee. I have to go now to track down breakfast. But please, enjoy the view from my Port Vila bungalow.

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