Goodbye Waikiki Designer Stores and Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu zoo I’ve always said if I was ever going to Australia from California, I would stop over in Hawaii, and that’s almost the case here when I say goodbye to Waikiki and hello to Australia. The only difference is I am turning right around and flying out of Australia, heading for the country of Vanuatu. Van-ooo-where to, you might ask? Hey, it’s an easy question.

Honolulu has been interesting. I finally located a superb restaurant, thanks to a tip from one of my sellers in Sacramento who suggested Halekulani and I found La Mer. A thousand times better than my experience a few nights ago at Moana Surfrider. It’s like a private jet vs. a Disneyland tram. If the manager had only revealed that I needed to move a few doors down, I would have been happier with his response about why I couldn’t have what I wanted. I asked if I could pay for a better table and food, and the answer was no. No, Jose. He didn’t suggest go to Halekulani and you’ll be happy. Like he should have.

Giraffe at Honolulu Zoo

Giraffe at Honolulu Zoo

The Big Island has it really wrapped up when it comes to the demand for authentic shellfish. My husband and I discovered that secret during our last trip. They have a huge 200-foot underwater sea thing going on where they raise Maine Lobster and abalone. So I didn’t feel like I was endangering any species when I ordered it for dinner at La Mer. Best of all worlds, La Mer carries Kistler Chardonnay. I was so astonished. Granted, it’s the 2011 and not the 2013, but I’m not about to quibble after being forced to have dinner at Mauna Surfrider. Although, there is a stark difference. Just sayin’.

Black handed spider monkey

Black Handed Spider Monkey at Honolulu Zoo

I’ve got to admit the biggest problem in getting to La Mer from Moana Surfrider is walking past 1) all the portals in Ingress that need attacking and 2) all the designer stores. Speaking strictly about #2, I feel like a starved and thirsty desert crawler residing in Sacramento sans stores. You’ve got every designer in the world in Honolulu and all within a few blocks of my hotel: Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, Hermes, Harry Winston, Tory Burch, Rolex; it’s enough to make my heart pound.

Designer stores Waikiki

Designer stores Waikiki

When I told the guy at Jimmy Choo, after his shoes didn’t fit my delicate size 37-foot, that I couldn’t decide if I should go to the Honolulu Zoo or back to shopping, he opted for shopping. He said — no surprise — there are no animals at the zoo, it’s a waste of time, and I’be happier shopping. So, I went to the Honolulu Zoo.

You won’t hear from me for a day or so. I am losing a day as I travel to Australia, and then, with any luck, on to Vanuatu.

I hope you will still check back in on the adventures of Elizabeth Weintraub during her crazy solo trip to the South Pacific from Sacramento.

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