Types of Sacramento Mortgage Lenders Who Don’t Give a Crap

Mortgage Lenders SacramentoThere are many reasons to use a local mortgage broker when buying a home in Sacramento, but there are sometimes more reasons to rely on a person who is paid on commission over a person who is paid a salary. Yeah. It makes sense. I’m not saying every salaried person hates their job, but enough do that they often develop lackadaisical attitudes. A person paid on commission cannot afford a “who gives a crap” attitude or she’ll end up standing in the soup lines.

It’s probably not even a conscious thing. These guys don’t go into the bank to work with a screw-you mentality, and they probably don’t actually plan to mess up a home buyer’s closing, but dollars to doughnuts they are not emotionally invested in anybody’s time to move. They’re not the guys sitting on packed boxes, twiddling thumbs and staring at their silent iPhones. They’re the people for whom the lunch hour is but minutes away and there’s a new place down the street they’ve been meaning to go to try the tacos. They punch out and go.

Meanwhile, calls go to voice mail or the lender’s voicemail box is full. Emails go unanswered. When the lenders do respond, it’s to say the file is still in underwriting, and they let it go at that, feeling they have fully explained the quandary about why the buyers can’t move into their new home over the weekend. Where did they put that appraisal? It was right there on their desktop a moment ago. Oh, look, here’s a YouTube video of a cat chasing chicken treats.

It’s not just banks that employ these types of people on their payroll, credit unions are guilty of this, too. The employees are just doing a job to the best of their ability. I think it’s the Peter Principle on display. Perhaps they’ve risen to their own level of incompetence.

Of course, there are commissioned individuals who develop poor work ethics, too. I’m not saying all people on commission are motivated, but if I would have to choose between a banking institution or a local mortgage broker, I’m going with the Sacramento mortgage broker whose personal reputation is on the line and whose track record speaks volumes. They all have access pretty much to the same bag o’ money. Why not pick one who gives a crap?


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