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One Of The Leading Causes Of Divorce Can Be Financial

One Of The Leading Causes Of Divorce Can Be Financial

One of the leading causes of divorce can be financial — is an interesting blog topic from our preferred mortgage lender, Dan Tharp at Guild Mortgage. — JaCi Wallace

One of the leading causes of divorce can be financial. When a couples’ financial situation fails to measure up to expectations, and money stress gets so bad, they shut down. The communication between them often stops completely.

I have helped many couples obtain a mortgage to buy a home. They were laughing and smiling about the garden they were going to plant, or the BBQ they were going to invite me to. Only then to see one partner lose a job, then bills pile up. Next is the anger and the uncertainty starts to build. The next thing they know they are sitting down to talk about separating. It’s just plain awful.

As a mortgage planner, I educate my clients on “how to” buy a home and all the good stuff that comes with it. We also talk about the “Marriage Killer ” that could be lying in wait after the ink has dried on their mortgage documents.

I have seen first hand the pain and pure anguish from a once happily married couple, now facing this fight over money and their marriage. I used to avoid this topic in my early days to keep the mortgage experience light and positive. Now, my tune has definitely changed. I raise this uncomfortable topic as often and early in the process as possible.

Excellent clip from Jillian, a member of Inspirus Credit Union, speaking directly to this issue. She talks about a few simple tricks to help you zap the Marriage Killer. At a minimum, sit down with your partner and watch this video together. I am sure it will elicit some discussion about your current finances and future goals for retirement. Trust me, times are tough now for many folks, and the last person you want out of the loop – is your partner.

Please call Weintraub & Wallace with RE/MAX Gold if you are in need of a Realtor. We are also experienced working with divorcing couples and the attorneys when selling a home. We can help and be reached at 916-233-6759.

–Dan Tharp

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