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Why Men From Mars Will Stand in the Rain

men from mars

Only Men from Mars would stand out in the rain without a jacket.

You remember that book Women Are From Venus and Men Are From Mars? The author of that book, btw, John Gray, looks very similar to that creepy guy who was once married to Bree Vandercamp on Desperate Housewives. But with that aside, the Women-Venus, Men-Mars thing has practically become a household phrase, and John Gray has probably made a boatload of money for himself with that catchy term.

He was in the right place at the right time. I remember when his book came out, and some feminists at the time didn’t agree with Gray’s premise because they somehow thought he was undermining the mission. Although Gray never really indicated one sex was superior to the other, just that they were different. If you really need another example, though, I’m gonna share one with you.

Remember my neighbor who could not sell her home in Land Park because she has 3 kitchens? She has since moved away and rented it out. The person who is renting it turns out to be the buyer of a home I sold several years ago in South Land Park. I represented the seller, not him. See, this is really a small world, especially in Sacramento.

He came over yesterday to ask if he could use our phone. Seems he needed to call the property manager because his dog managed to get him locked out of the house. Or, at least that was his story, and he was sticking to it. It was raining, and my husband answered the door. My husband asked our neighbor if he needed a jacket. “No, I’m fine; it’s not that cold,” he said. “I’ll go wait in my back yard.” And he left. My husband closed the door.

I overheard this exchange, grabbed my cell and ran out in the rain after him. He was indeed standing in his back yard in the rain. I had to drag him back to my house.

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