dependable agents

Dependable Agents You Can Rely Upon Are Few

dependable agents

View from balcony of cabana on Big Island.

Who can you depend on in your life when you really need to depend on an agent? Well, it goes without saying that if I am your Sacramento Realtor, you can depend on me. I am one of those incredibly dependable agents my clients rely on. I do habitual things with regularity, which is why my husband always knows where I am and what I am doing. I’m not sure that is necessarily a good thing, now that I reflect on it. Sort of removes the mystery from life but after almost 20 years of marriage, there is not a lot of mystery lurking about in our relationship.

Naturally, I wish everybody were dependable agents like me, but they aren’t. You’ve got to make allowances for that and for possible screw ups by others. Like when I called the taxi company, a cooperative I always reserve for transportation to the airport because they are reliable. They might smoke cigars and not speak a lot of English but they utilize GPS and have always been on time. Except for this particular trip to Hawaii. They were supposed to be at my house at 5:30 AM. They were not.

I called at 5:35 and was informed the person who took the reservation over the phone made me an appointment for January 1 instead of December 1. The cab company immediately pulled a driver from another call that morning and sent him over. As a result, he was 15 minutes late. But I didn’t really need to leave for the airport until 5:45 and had already accounted for the possibility of error.

When I arrived at my hotel in Big Island, I had already ordered a bottle of champagne for my room which was chilling on ice. I also had requested spa services for the following day. Received confirmation from the hotel on both. But when I showed up at the spa, there was no record of my reservation. See, you can’t rely on customer service departments to actually provide accurate services, even if you have it in writing. No dependable agents working here.

I imagine there will be a free service provided as I’m not on a schedule here on Big Island. I have a blog to finish, a couple of CMAs to follow up on and an escrow to update, then I am off to the beach. You can see the beach from my balcony above. First, there is the fish pond, and then the beach. That view can help to remove some of the frustration when people don’t do what they promise to do. Plus, I can make sure I don’t do it to anybody else.

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